Blue Lock Episode 10 is set to be released this week, and we are here with the latest anime updates.

Episode 9 of Blue Lock gave Team Z what seemed like an unimaginable victory. Team V scored three goals in the first half, and even though Team Z’s confidence was low, Bachira pumped up and scored, defeating Team V’s crazy duo.

Team Z gets a little better with every game, but in this game, they leveled up the fastest while also showing Bachira’s talents throughout. Read on to learn more about the next episode of this thrilling anime!

Blue Lock Episode 10 release date

Blue Lock Episode 10
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The much-awaited episode 10 of Blue Lock is anticipated to air on 11 December 2022. However, most international viewers will have the ability to watch the episode on Saturday, 10 December 2022, because the release date and time may vary by time zone. .

The previous episodes of this mystery thriller have received excellent reviews, and it looks like the latest one will do the same.

What to expect from Blue Lock Episode 10?

Blue Lock Episode 10

The game against Team V will continue in the next episode, and Bachira and Chigiri will remain, critical players, because it seems they’re doing their best right now.

Blue Lock Episode 10 will see Team V struggle with their games as Team Z has worked out their methods. However, with the focus on the top three players, the likelihood of other Team V players receiving any attention is slim. So we can expect them to try something different.

On the other hand, Team Z needs to score quickly to win and get the three critical points. Therefore, they had no choice but to win, as a draw would mean they would lose Blue Lock’s next pick.

Team Z will possibly beat Team V after regaining their drive and confidence after their tie with Team V. They will become the first squad to beat Team V if they succeed.

Where am I able to watch Blue Lock Episode 10?

Blue Lock Episode 10
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Crunchyroll will have Blue Lock episode 10 available to most of the world. A few Asian nations, including Japan, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand, will also have the ability to watch anime on Netflix.

For South and Southeast Asian nations, the anime will even be accessible through Ani-One Asia Ultra, a subscription service offered by the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel.

What happened last time?

Blue Lock Episode 10

Team Z was shocked after Team V’s Nagi Seishiro scored an incredible goal in Blue Lock episode 9, “Awakening.”

When the game started again, Team V again managed to launch a counterattack, which led to them scoring another goal. When Team V’s Zantetsu scored the third goal from long range, things got worse.

Bachira was quick to restart the game and began dribbling against the rival, while other players gave up because of what was happening. He outran every opponent to face the goalkeeper one on one, only for him to score on a rabona kick.

After Bachira’s goal, Team Z’s confidence rose again, and Rensuke quickly added a second goal with a long knuckleball. As soon as the squad started to wake up, so did Chigiri, who in the second half was able to overtake Zantetsu and scored a goal that was a precise copy of what he scored against Team W, with a tie of three.