Blue Lock Episode 12 the latest episode of the anime will be released in the next two days. Isagi has been striving to find out about his unique abilities since the start of the anime.

Recent cases, however, have shown that he had a special ability to evaluate players’ playing methods. He helped his squad to defeat Team V by using his unique weapon.

The following storyline will focus on the second selection procedure. The participants had just learned that they had been tested. But now that everything is clear, they will do everything they can to prove their worth.

Things will turn against them once they find themselves challenging and complicated. Let’s see how they deal with it.

Blue Lock Episode 12 Release Date

Blue Lock Episode 12
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Blue Lock Episode 12 will be released on December 25, 2022. The release date and time of the upcoming episode will vary across time zones, so the piece most international fans will have the ability to watch it on Saturday, December 24, 2022.

What to expect from Blue lock Episode 12

Blue Lock Episode 12
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Isagi will enter the initial stage of the second selection of the Blue Lock Project in episode 12 of the Blue Lock. In the last episode, Isagi left Team Z to approach the room, full of confidence.

As a result, the next episode will possibly start with Isagi discovering the second option. The skills required for the second round of selection are yet to be revealed. The players haven’t been allowed to touch a football during their ten-day training phase, so the upcoming challenge could see them make contact with them.

One of the participants in the second round has already made his presence. His name is Itoshi Rin, and he may be related to World Class midfielder Itoshi Sae.

What happened in the last episode of Blue Lock?

Blue Lock Episode 12
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Previously, in Blue Lock Episode 11, Isagi used his foresight to precisely pick a spot in front of the net to the left of Chigiri and Kunigami, guiding Team Z down the field.

Isagi waited for Team V to send defenders after them. But he did not see that Nagi was following him. After some thought, he took an opportunity and scored the winning goal.

Team Z and Team V completed the first and second rounds once the selection procedure was concluded. However, Niko, Junichi Wanima, and Barou were the top scorers for the eliminated teams.

Ego has some strikers who passed physical conditions remaining from the second selection process. The remaining attackers joined a couple of minutes later, and Ego revealed that Building 5 was right in the Blue Lock.

At the same time, the rest were made up and existed to make everybody feel inferior. He explained that the first option was simply about understanding what it means to be a striker, and the second was about the succession of individual trials that the five strikers would face in five phases. The strikers who make it to the end are selected for the national squad.