An enchanting football game took place in episode 4 of Blue Lock, which was released a few day ago. After losing their first game against Team X, Isagi and his friends had to come together and devise a method to win their next match.

The battle against Squad Y was even tougher for the team than against Team X, as their existence inside the experiment relied on it.

Blue Lock Episode 4 Quick Recap:

Blue Lock Episode 4
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Blue Lock Episode 4 begins with Team Z trying to recover from their humiliating loss against Team X. Eight Bit provided a new perspective to the sports anime genre, and Blue Lock is destined to be a favourite of -fan for many years to come.

After Ego challenges the Z Squad to “get a weapon,” the team members are all trying to find their weapon on the football field. While the rest of his squad quickly discovers their weapon, Isagi needs help finding a solution.

Finally, Isagi discovers what he believes is his weapon, his ability to detect “the scent of the goal.” Isagi appears to be a team player. So it was cute to see him focus on growing himself rather than focusing on his friends.

While Isagi’s journey to uncover his skills and powers is compelling, the better part of Blue Lock Episode 4 is watching the entire squad try to accomplish the same thing while still playing as a team.

The delicate balance of individual growth vs. de-risking as a team is executed flawlessly. He forces each character to limit his development to stay in the Blue Lock program, even although the overall goal is to accomplish as much personal accomplishment as possible.

Blue Lock’s character interactions are also quite complex, with even small people playing vital roles.

The true mind

Blue Lock Episode 4

Ohkawa continued to rush the ball towards Team Z’s goal in episode 4 of Blue Lock. Iemon tried but failed to stop him. Finally, Hibiki scored a goal that gave his squad all the motivation they needed to keep going. The Y team started to play more defensively, they did not try to reach another goal because they were already leading.

Before the match resumed, Yoichi realized that the mastermind behind Team Y’s strategy was Niko, not Ohkawa. So he sprinted as much as possible to stop the ball from reaching Ikki. Yoichi tried to score after having the ball, but the goalkeeper stopped him.

Fortunately, Gagamaru was nearby and scored a goal. Niko approached Isagi, congratulating him for recognizing that he was the true ace of Team Y. The fourth episode of Blue Lock ended with Isagi and Ikki staring one another down and trying to intimidate one another.


Blue Lock Episode 4
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After the superb game last week, episode 4 of the Blue Lock managed to rekindle the spark of egotism inside Isagi and his colleagues.

However, they not only learned to operate as a team but also discovered a way for each of them to shine. Fans are amazed at how quickly the lads have come together as a team.

Isagi’s quasi-magical knowledge will nearly absolutely play a significant role in the narrative. Yoichi’s weapon is maybe the most powerful of the Z Team as it allows him to foretell what his opponents will do next. We’ll must wait and see how this new ability can help our heroes fight Team Y in the next episode.