Blue Lock episode 6 was released on November 12, 2022, and here are the details you might need to know. The Blue Lock anime appears to be taking a different pace than it did in the first few episodes.

With each passing week, the episodes seem to become less appealing. The previous episode started with the match between teams X and Y. Fans are still waiting for an answer. As a result, Blue Lock Episode 6 will continue in the same way.

Blue Lock episode 6 Ending Explained

Blue Lock episode 6
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Blue Lock episode 6, titled Sorry, began with Team Z holding a group meeting before their match against Team W. While Kuon was absent from the team meeting, he reappeared , claimed he had a long bath.

As soon as Kuon came up with the term “Southern All Stars,” he was thinking of a new approach for them. This plan will have each of the team’s nine rotating players play alongside a pairing that fits their style of play for 30 minutes each, providing more scoring possibilities. While there was some debate over the name of the tactic, everybody agreed and used it in the match.

They had to keep an eye on the Wanima Brothers, Wanima Keisuke & Wanima Junichi of Team W. Their team play was probably the greatest, as their shots broke the midfield and defense of Team Z. Isagi , on the contrary, he was able to stop them by making a daring challenge. Chigiri, on the other hand, was once a partner of the Wanima brothers, and it seems they weren’t on good terms.

The game continued until Igarashi crossed the ball to Kuon, who was about to head it in for a 1-0 lead. This seemed to intimidate Team W, as Bachira spotted Kuon in front of the goal twice more and every time he threw the ball behind the goalkeeper, thus giving the team a 3-0 lead. before rest.

Kuon, however, committed two errors in the second quarter, allowing Team W to win 3-2. Isagi noticed Kuon smiling as everybody else was looking away, despite his apparent guilt.

Kuon betrayed Team Z when he apparently failed a clearance while on defense. The Wanima Brothers said that Kuon revealed all of Team Z’s plans to them at this point.

Kuon openly challenged the team by taking the kick-off and giving the ball to Team W, declaring that the contest would now be a 12 v 10 format. As if that wasn’t enough, he helped Team W lead 4-3 against Team Z.

Where am I able to watch Blue Lock Episode 6?

Blue Lock episode 6
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Blue Lock Episode 6 is now available on Crunchyroll for abroad fans and on TV Asahi for Japanese viewers. Blue lock episode 6 is also available on Netflix.


Team Z will soon need to create a new strategy to defeat Team W. The closing scene of the episode shows Chigiri looking worried, which may indicate that he will play a significant role in the team’s strategy in the episode the next.