At the end of Blue Lock Episode 8, Isagi was shocked after team V copied their trick in no time.

In “The Formula of a Goal”, the eighth episode of “Blue Lock,” Isagi and his friends learn that they’ve to win their game against Team V since the scoreboard has changed.

Unfortunately, Isagi cannot sleep since he has a crucial game coming up in a day, so he goes to practice alone while the rest of the Z team also has difficulties sleeping. They devise a method to stop Team V, but it goes differently than planned.

Blue Lock Episode 8 Explanation

Blue Lock Episode 8

Just before their game against team V, team Z learns that the game between team W and team Y led to a draw. So, if they do not want to lose, they’ve to win their last game. Team V feels quite a lot of tension because their opponent has beaten every team they’ve played.

Kuon stated without a doubt that he won’t be participating in the club. He already has three goals. Thus he automatically goes to the next round of selection.

When the team asks if anyone in the competition can match Kuon’s goals, Jinpachi Ego appears on the big screen to inform them that the player with the best Blue Lock rating will advance to the next round .

He then instructs the players in Team Z to improve their goal scoring abilities by recalling how they previously used their arsenals on the field to score.

Finally, ego encourages them to listen to everything, from where they sit to how they dribble and shoot, to devise a coherent plan to score the winning goal.

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Blue Lock Episode 8 Ending Explained

Blue Lock Episode 8

Isagi cannot sleep because Team V’s game is in 24 hours. Instead, he decides to go practice. Barou is training alone there. Although they don’t know one another well, Isagi doesn’t hesitate to seek his help.

Unfortunately, Barou is careless about him, so he shoots a ball directly in his face. But Isagi doesn’t give up and continues to make him fight for him. Barou tackles Isagi one-on-one and simply defeats him to teach him a lesson.

Isagi deduces from his opponent’s movements that he has a selected range from which he generally shoots into the top right corner of the goal.

When they play again, Barou scores again, but this time from a greater distance, proving to Isagi that his shooting is bigger than he believed. Later, team Z has a meeting to discuss how they will play the next game. There are only 10 of them since Kuon will not play.

The V team choose to start playing in defense because their forwards have been the best in the competition so far. They must score a goal with a surprise counterattack once they regain control of the ball.

Final Thoughts on Blue Lock Episode 8

Blue Lock Episode 8
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Despite the primarily preparatory nature of this week’s plot, the 8-Bit production house does a superb job of maintaining the emotional intensity of the show.

Each of these characters has come so far, and the idea of ​​never going any further is clear in the way 8-Bit presents the visuals in this episode.

When all is claimed and done, Blue Lock Episode 8 provides a solid, if not outstanding, narrative. With the start of the next game, the following episode should develop on the foundation of this week.