The ambitious members of the Z team in Blue Lock Episode 9, titled ‘Awakening,’ look for motivation while the V team continually succeeds. When all hope seems gone, Bachira is motivated by his rivals to play the game more freely and relies on his skills and knowledge to score an unforeseen goal.

Not only does he strive to accomplish a goal, but his aggression and drive also give his teammates a boost, changing the game in unforeseen ways.

A brief review of Blue Lock Episode 9

Blue Lock Episode 9
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In Blue Lock Episode 9 After Nagi scores the first goal, the Z crew is overwhelmed by his superior experience but hopes that things will improve. Unfortunately, this is an unrealistic assumption, as the V crew beats them in every category.

When Kunigami approaches the goal, calculating the best way to settle the score, Reo removes the ball from his grasp and passes it to Nagi. Nagi’s wonderful shot gives team V a 2-0 lead as defenders try to stop him.

Because Nagi scored the first two goals, the Z crew focused more on him to stop him from quickly switching off the pitch. This only backfires because Zantetsu blames himself for the offensive gameplay.

When Chigiri strives to collectively beat him with his superior speed on the field, Zantetsu outwits him, surprising the Z team, who expected nobody to be as fast as their forward.

Before they could do the rest, Zantetsu approached the goal and scored the third goal for his team. At this point, stopping the opponents of the Z crew is sort of impossible.

However, unlike others, Bachira seems to benefit from the pressure. He then asks Isagi to bring him the ball. Next, he approaches crew V, who don’t have any idea what’s coming for them as a result of his superior dribbling ability.

Bachira brings the ball between the opponents and scores the first goal alone while the rest of the players watch and try to determine what’s going on.

After hitting the target, the rest of the Z team understands that they’re also capable of doing something exceptional. As a result, Kunigami scores the second goal for the Z crew, closing the goal gap with the V crew.

Blue Lock Episode 9 Ending Explained

Blue Lock Episode 9
Lyrics meaning: History

While the players are sweating on the field, Anri & Ego keep a close eye on the game from the control room.

When the boundary is crossed, Ego adds, an appropriate attacker is obliged to awaken and bring out the best in himself. He explains that players are forced to depend on their collective experiences and skills in extreme circumstances where victory is the only option.

When this happens, the intricate jigsaw puzzle that reveals a new ego propels the best strikers to success as they discover a new perspective on their game.

Therefore, the awakening is the striker’s realization of his identity as a player and the limits of his skills and experience on the ground. Meanwhile, Isagi is still upset that he lost the ball to the defenders when he should have relied on his abilities and looked to score a goal.

Despite his injury, Jingo likes that Reo is now under pressure and informs him that another foul will take him out of the game. The Z team is in a good mood as they now think they’ve significantly more potential than they previously imagined. When Chigiri gains pace, Zantetsu instantly tells him that he’s faster.

However, Chigiri realized that his opponent is superior in acceleration. As a result, he pulls the ball in front of them, convincing Zantetsu that he can cut the ball before Chigiri. This turns out to be an enormous mistake, as Chigiri quickly overtakes Zantetsu and scores to tie the game 3-3.