“Bridgerton” has become probably the most watched series on Netflix. Discover here other programs that are similar in theme or production.
Given that the series is based on Julia Quinn’s 8-book series, there’s still plenty of buzz to be had in the streaming show that’s running for a second season.

The show may have some strong parts, such as a sexual assault scene that caused controversy in the books and had to be shelved in the editing room. However, the series rose as a triumph on the platform, positioning itself as among the best drama series of recent years.

And what also attracts the public is that it’s based on a real story. Of course, she is not the first or the last to use real-life dramas to create a fictional dilemma on a television show, but the perfect combination of drama, outside commentary, and the reaction of her characters is what she has . made more than one fan fall in love with “Bridgerton”.

For this reason, Marie Claire has made a small list of series similar to the program created by Chris Van Dusen and Shonda Rhimes. Here you’ll find a series with similar themes, and with the same feeling of a family group that deals with numerous scandals until the second season of “Bridgerton” arrives.


Netflix series Bridgerton

1. Pride and Prejudice – Hulu
If you prefer to go the more traditional route adaptations of the 1995 BBC miniseries “Pride and Prejudice” are a wonderful choice. Colin Firth plunges into a lake fully clothed, something that has given many fans something to discuss for many years.

2. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – YouTube
Once again, “Pride and Prejudice” has been remade numerous times, but no matter how devoted you are to Keira Knightley’s 2005 version, you will not have the ability to resist navigating through 100 episodes of this the version of the classic tale. It is told through a series of short vlogs by the naughty and heady Lizzie Bennet and remains true to the original text, but firmly set in the present.

3. Outlander – Starz
Like “Bridgerton,” “Outlander” is based on a long-running series of historical romance novels. It is modernized in the same way, with the heroine Claire Randall infusing her perspective of the 20th century in the Jacobite uprisings of the middle of the 18th century, which mysteriously travels back in time at the start of the first season.

4. The Big One – Hulu
This show offers a fun version of the world of Russia in the 1700s and tells the story of Catherine the Great, whose stubbornness has been overshadowed by all these rumors about his ‘affinity for the horses’.

5. Gossip Girl- Netflix
In the same way that “Clueless” is a completely modernized remake of “Jane Austen’s Emma”, so too “Gossip Girl” is essentially the version of “Bridgerton” from mid-August. There is a cast of characters who cause scandals and fall in love, all around a core group of family-like friends, and all documented by anonymous gossip.

6. Harlots- Hulu
Taking place only a few years before “Bridgerton” and in a decidedly different part of London, “Harlots” follows the struggles of a brothel owner to provide a better life for his daughters. The series puts women at the forefront, at a time when they’ve often been left out, and also takes a really clear and empowering look at sex work.

7. Gentleman Jack- HBO Max
Based on the royal diaries of Anne Lister, “Gentleman Jack” shows a lady whose life was truly unique in the mid-19th century: Lister was a lesbian and landowner who documented her life in millions of words in diaries her, many of which were written in a code based on algebra and historical Greek.

8. Belgravia – Epix
Another period drama from “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes, “Belgravia” explores the mid-19th century aftermath of the revelation of a secret pregnancy 25 years after the fact.

9. Downton Abbey – Amazon Prime
If you somehow missed “Downton Abbey” when it premiered in 2010, there isn’t any better time than the present to immerse yourself in the complex world of the Crawley family. The series takes place a century later than “Bridgerton,” but is equally crammed with social scandals, historical references, and a robust version of the classism inherent in the British aristocracy.

10. Dickinson – Apple TV
In keeping with this certainly very accurate adaptation of the poet’s life, which bears a suspicious resemblance to Wiz Califa. Very historically accurate, and really very similar to “Bridgerton” in its ultra-modern soundtrack and its 19th century feminist version.