Britney Spears was spotted without her wedding ring after getting back from a vacation in Hawaii. There are many celebrities who are making news related to their broken relationship or the one that’s rumored to be broken.

Sometimes it’s related to their marriage or other time it’s related to their engagement or even their early relationship. And if such a thing happened in Hollywood then it’s nothing less than a talk of the town between everybody.

When one talks a few scenario like this then one cannot forget about the recent one between Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari.

It seems that something is going on between the couple and it’s the reason why the singer was recently seen not wearing her wedding ring.

The 41-year-old singer Britney Spears came after her gateway in Hawaii with her manager Cade Hudson. When it comes to not wearing a marriage ring then it’s not the first time as she also made the same news a few week ago.

Britney Spears returns to LA Without a Wedding Ring.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Sam got married last year in 2022. Their relationship has become one of the main goals for other couples present in the industry in addition to outside it. But in terms of the ring then it’s creating lots of questions as Sam was also seen without his wedding ring.

Speaking about the recent look, the singer was wearing a jacket with a patterned dress and heels. She was wearing large sunglasses while carrying a teddy bear and a purse.

The singer was also wearing an enormous hat to hide from the sun. Her long blonde hair was down and she was showing her smile to the cameras. The singer’s nails were also painted red while she was seen relaxing without any jewelry.

It was last week when Sam Asghari was also seen without a marriage ring however, in a recent outing he was seen wearing the ring. Soon after all these ups and downs around their married life, many divorce rumors also surfaced.

When news related to the divorce hit social media, Sam instantly took to Instagram and shared stories that showed him rocking on a plane. The source instantly confirmed that their married life is going happily and there’s no reason to end it.

When it comes to not wearing the marriage ring then it was because of the filming of a movie. He had to remove the ring because he was busy with the schedule and shooting for his next project. The couple have been married for 10 months now but share an excellent bond since 2016.