In the month of December streaming giant, Netflix is coming out with a second original Chilean film titled ‘Burning Patience’.

It is largely a film adaptation of Antonio Skármeta’s book titled “Burning Patience” also known as The Postman. It is a fictional story of a fisherman named Mario. And he has the ambition to become a poet.

The streaming giant Netflix took a greater responsibility by choosing to broadcast this iconic on it since in the year 1996, Michael Radford made an adaptation of the same story and was nominated for five Academy Awards.

So there’s already a standard set for Netflix and you must get there at any cost!!!

To know more about this movie adapted from the book read this article till the end!!!

When will the Burning Patience be released?

Burning Patience

Burning Patience is the second Chilean original on Netflix and will be released on December 7, 2022 that’s Wednesday.

Looking at the popularity and love that the book and certain adaptations of the book have received we can assure you that it is certainly worth watching for all of you.

So you cannot afford to miss this great movie on Netflix if you have a subscription to it hahaha!!!!

What is the history of Burning Patience?

Burning Patience

The story of Burning Patience will be somewhat similar to the book on which it’s based. It is very clear that the genre of the film is a love story. As mentioned above the protagonist of the story will be a young man named Mario by profession he’s a fisherman initially and by ambitions he wants to be a poet.

He tries to win his beloved by taking the help of the very famous poet Pablo Neruda.

As Mario becomes Pablo Neruda’s postman he enters a world full of metaphors and verses that help him fulfill not only his desire to be a writer by heart but also to win the heart of a lady named Beatriz, who is largely his. a dream girl.

“Your breast is enough for my heart, wings enough for your freedom. From my mouth it will reach heaven…” these were the first few lines that Mario wrote for the girl of his dreams and by reading them we can easily analyze the depth of affection that Mario has for his lady love.

But surprisingly Mario’s lady was disappointed in him as she knew that the lines weren’t his but Pablo’s.

Who is in the cast of Burning Patience?

We have the actors listed below playing the main characters in the film:

• Claudio Arredondo
• Boris Quercia
• Andrew Bargsted
• Vivianne Dietz

What is the run time of Burning Patience?

This emotional and loving love story is just 1 hour and 30 minutes long so it will not take much but after you watch it I assure you that you’re going to be glad you saw it!!!

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