The manga “Call Me Chihiro” by Hiroyuki Yasuda, which appeared in Elegance Eve from 2013 to 2018, served as the inspiration for the film.

The main character, who works in a little bento business in a beach town, is the subject of the narrative. Her history as a *x worker, however, is what sets her apart.

She interacts with people whose mental scars and tribulations have given them a dark existence based on her experiences. She wants to be the guardian angel who leads people to a happy existence through her words and deeds.

When is Call Me Chihiro coming out on Netflix?

Call Me Chihiro

We have confirmation that Calls Me Chihiro will be available on Netflix on February 23, 2023, thanks to some of the promotional materials made available by the streaming service.

Who are the Call Me Chihiro cast members?

Call Me Chihiro

The following are the cast members of the upcoming movie “call me Chihiro.”

Kasumi Arimura as Chihiro
Lily Franky as Utsumi
Jun Fubuki as Tae
Mitsuru Hirata as Bito
Miwako Ichikawa as Chihiro
Itsuki Nagasawa as Chinatsu Ube / Becchin
Toshie Negishi as Nagai
Yui Sakuma as Hitomi
Rikiya Imaizumi as Director
Rikiya Imaizumi, Kaori Sawai and Hiroyuki Yasuda are Writers

The Plot Of Call Me Chichiro

Call Me Chihiro

The film is about Chihiro, a former prostitute who one day decides to stop by a beach shop for a bento dinner, according to the Netflix teaser.

One of the biggest bentos in the area enchanted her with its taste, and she decided to work in the bento store to start a new chapter in her life. Now she happily welcomes customers and engages them in thought-provoking and fascinating conversations without the slightest hint of her history.

After hearing about the client’s problems, she lends support and help, but her past finally catches up with her. Due to her family problems, Chihiro has been living alone since she was a little girl.

Despite her current struggles, she sees them as an opportunity to discover a new version of herself that she can be proud of for the rest of her life.

Call Me Chihiro Overview and Rating

Call Me Chihiro

The Japanese film industry has a long history of producing groundbreaking live-action and animated works that have captivated audiences all over the world.

They describe the genre as a “Slice of Life,” offering an endearing yet emotional plot with enduring characters. Fans of lighter dramas anticipate the arrival of films like Call Me Chihiro this year.

An upcoming Japanese drama film called Call Me Chihiro is based on Yasuda Hiroyuki’s Chihiro-san manga.

Arimura Kasumi plays the central character in the film, directed by Imaizumi Rikiya, a talented director of comedy films. Here’s what is known about the movie Call Me Chihiro as lovers of Japanese dramas and films eagerly anticipate its debut.