Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2/ Episode 10 is all set to release in January 2023 and will surprise you with its astonishing storyline.

Vicki Lawrence appears in new Call Me Kat season 3 photos as the mother of the Late Leslie Jordan’s character Phil.

Call Me Kat, released on Fox in 2021, is a remake of the British sitcom Miranda, starring. Mayim Bialik as Kat, a single woman in her late 30s who runs a cat cafe. Jordan was part of the main cast and played the cafe’s head baker until his death in a car accident in October.

Will there be a Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2?

Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2
TV Series Finale

We are still waiting to get something in December. However, the plan is for Mayim Bialik and the remaining cast members of Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2/Episode 10 to return on Thursday, January 5. As we get closer to that day, more information is anticipated to become available.

The cast of Call Me Kat Season 3

Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2

Mayim Bialik plays Kat
Swoosie Kurtz plays Sheila
Leslie Jordan plays Phil
Kyla Pratt plays Randi
Julian Gant plays Carter
Cheyenne Jackson plays Max
Christopher Rivas plays Oscar
Lamorne Morris plays Daniel
Vanessa Lachey plays Tara Barnett
Joey Lawrence plays himself
Jenna Von Oy plays herself
Michael Stoyanov plays himself

What can we expect from Call Me Kat Season 3 Episode 10?

Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2

Surely we do not need to say it too much, but the biggest challenge for Call Me Kat as a series in the future will be the adjustment to real life circumstances, which will inevitably play a significant role on a show like this.

We must not forget the tragic death of Leslie Jordan earlier this year and its impact on our show. The cast and crew will continue without him, and the plot will evolve in ways nobody expected. This is not a simple change, and we are sure it will take some time to realize what is on the other side of it.

Another thing we’ll have an interest to hear more about in the coming months is what Fox has in store for a possible fourth season.

So far, live ratings have been low; maybe this was to be expected given Thursday’s tough competition, but is it trying to make up for it in terms of DVR figures? Again, we’ll must sit tight and watch.

Where to watch Call Me Kat Season 3?

Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2

Call Me Kat Season 3 Part 2/ Episode 10 will be released on Fox on Thursdays at 9:30 pm ET/PT. If you want to watch previous episodes, you can watch season 2 above Hulu and fuboTV with a subscription or for free on if you subscribe to a service that includes network access.

Season 1 is available on Prime Video for $2.99 ​​per episode or $24.99 for the whole season.