Calls Season 2: What’s Happening??

Calls season 2 will be based on the French TV series of the same title, Timothee Hochet.

Calls is an American drama thriller television series that focuses on the mystery and suspense of a murder investigation. It was adapted from a French series by Fede Alvarez, who also serves as the director.

Calls was co-produced by Apple TV+ and Canal+ in France. It premiered on Apple TV+ on March 19, 2021.

This TV series is unique in its concept and format. This series consists of conversations over phone calls, which tell us fascinating and mysterious stories with very limited visuals. Although it may seem like random phone calls and not connected, these calls might actually be connected to people whose lives are in danger ahead of an apocalyptic disaster.

Calls Season 2: What's Happening??

The first season contains 9 episodes. They were all released on the same day. Each episode is approximately 13 to 20 minutes long. This makes it easy to binge-watch and complete in one sitting.

It has a unique storyline and concept that is brilliant. The voice cast is talented. The audience is encouraged to imagine the visuals of the story.

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It is surprising to see that it receives positive reviews from both critics and audiences. IMDB rates the show 7.7 points out of 10, Rotten tomatoes scores it 95% and 84% respectively.

They are so enthusiastic, can they keep up the success of Calls season 2 with this level of enthusiasm?

Are There Calls Season 2?

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Calls season 2 at this time. There is no official announcement regarding its renewal or cancellation.

This makes sense as the network must evaluate the first season’s performance and decide if it is profitable to continue the series with the second.

It is possible that Calls will be moved forward, given the positive ratings and viewership.

Calls Season 2: What's Happening??

It took almost two years for the first season to be released after it was ordered in June 2018. Because it takes more time to create the format and write the story, it was likely that it took a while. Calls season 2 is expected to go more smoothly because they have done it before. If everything goes according to plan, Calls season 2 will be available on Apple TV+ in 2023.

Calls Season 2: What is It About?

The first season features several interconnected phone calls and many short, mysterious stories that lead to one conclusion.

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Fede Alvarez, the show’s director, admitted that he was inspired to create the show by the classic science fiction mystery TV series The Twilight Zone.

Season 2 of Calls has the potential to tell a completely different story than the first, making it an anthology series. The second season will likely have new stories but will still retain the suspense, thrill and mystery of the first.

Calls Season 2: The Cast

Calls Season 2: What's Happening??

If Calls season 2 has a new story, it is impossible to predict who will be the voice actor. If they do continue where it left off in season 1, we can expect the original cast members to return.

This includes Rosario Dawson and Lily Collins as well as Karen Gillan and Judy Greer. Joey King and Stephen Lang are also included.

You will also find Aubrey Plaza and Pedro Pascal.

It is possible that we will hear or see the voices of another cast member, most likely another actress and actor to be part of Calls season 2. We are currently unaware of this.

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