There is a weekly release for this Cannes Confidential. This is typical of many Acorn TV Originals.

With its mixture of romance, crime mystery, and breathtaking setting, Cannes Confidential could be an incredible summer show to take viewers on an exotic escape!

Acorn TV is generally the best option for a crime thriller with a dash of foolish and quirky fun. Nothing is as entertaining as a crime drama set in an exotic nation.

One with two mismatched couples is also fun. With Cannes Confidential, a program coming from Acorn TV, you can enjoy fun on the French Riviera while discovering some intriguing criminal cases and a lovely couple.

While Cannes is best known for its esteemed film festival, it also serves as a lovely vacation destination and home to many of Europe’s wealthy and renowned individuals. As a result, when a crime is committed, the optics are enough for the police to try to solve the case.

When is Cannes Confidential coming out?

Cannes Confidential

There is a weekly release for this Cannes Confidential. This is typical of many Acorn TV Originals.

However, it contrasts with the usual schedule of one episode per week. Every week, there are two new episodes. The season consists of six episodes. On Monday, July 10, Episodes 5 and 6 will both be released at the same time.

The cast of Cannes Confidential.

Cannes Confidential
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Camille is played by Lucie LucasFrench TV actress who was in shows like Glory. Jamie Bamberwidely known for his roles as Apollo on Battlestar Galactica and Law & Order: UK, he plays Harry.

Jean-Hughes Anglade he plays Camille’s father in jail. The rest of the actors around the cast of:

Lucie Lucas as Camille Delmas

Tamara Marthe as Léa Robert

Anna Franziska Jaeger as Margaux Delmasse

Hugo Brunswick as Julien Boire

Ruth Vega Fernandez as Geneviève Martial

Jamie Bamber as Harry King

Jean-Hugues Anglade as Henry Delmas

Nancy Tate as Nina Leblanc

Sammy Lechea as Ramzy Chabat

What is the plot?

Cannes Confidential

Camille Delmasse is a no-nonsense investigator who is keen to work to solve murders and keep the French Riviera safe.

This becomes more complicated when a lovely man arrives. Harry King wants to solve a few crimes, but his reasons are clear.

Things become significantly more complex when Camille tries to prove that her father is not a dishonest officer. As the previous Chief of Police, he’s facing jail for corruption, and everybody believes he did it. Everyone except Harry, who bargains with Camille to free him.

What about Camille’s colleague, Léa Robert? Camille’s wing woman seems to have an interest in something happening between Camille and Harry. After all, there’s chemistry. Maybe she will go after Harry himself.

In addition to the breathtaking beauty of the Cote d’Azur, which the series aptly highlights as the first English-language serial set in the 1970s, Cannes Confidential also features high-speed drives and well choreographed action scenes.