Captain America: Civil War Updates: Steve Roger’s solo trilogy, Captain America: Civil War, is among the MCU’s most acclaimed entries, where Cap is the center of the story, also focusing on the mighty heroes.

So, it’s also called avengers 2.5. Having been probably the most successful films, Civil war is not without a few flaws.

Captain America: Civil War The plot is focused on Cap and Bucky

Civil War, also known as, avenger 2.5, even after the introduction of the characters, the creators Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, determined to focus on Cap and Bucky which was the right thing.

It was easy to deviate as many new elements such as the father-son relationship of Iron Man with Peter Parker, the introduction of Wakanda but also focused on the story of the Chief.

An irrelevant Opening set piece

The opening scene, where the Avengers squad takes on Crossbones in Lagos, this scene is fully irrelevant from the whole movie. This opening set takes an enormous and fully unnecessary and ill-considered chunk.
Introduction of Black Panther and Spiderman.

Civil War zero around the story of Cap and Bucky, even though this film made its way to two heroes Avenger Black Panther, and Spiderman two beloved of the Marvel films. This was the best introduction for the two characters, this is also considered a positive point from this film.

Stretches dull

Captain America
Image Source: Screen Rant

Civil War is known for action scenes, we can see many sights of gags that land, this can even be considered a film without humor. For scenes involving political discussions, the bands in Civil War became dull.

The development of the characters also plays a major role in a better film, the creators of Civil War, with their incredible storyline, did justice to each character by not only going out in the action scenes.

It was quite fun to see the superheroes cross the screen, where the characters normally do not. In the scene from the Civil War airport battle we can see avengers running towards one another, it was fine content wise but from a cinematic standpoint, it is taken into account rather bland, which comes out as a negative point.

Wanda and Vision’s romance can even be seen as a blow to this film, this isn’t to say that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are bad actors, or they do not share chemistry but it feels a bit annoying.

Usually, in Marvel movies, it’s shown that the world is in danger, generally, high stakes are essential for any blockbuster thrillers. The specialty in Captain America we find that Avengers themselves are in danger, which in turn puts the world in danger.

This is very well conveyed by Tony Stark, when he says to Steve, “I’m trying to keep you from crushing the Avengers”. That would be considered a positive point. Although the stakes were high, finally the outcome has no real consequences. We can see that no character has lost his soul, which largely happens.

There were chances where Rhodey would turn into a mushroom, after descending towards the ground from the high altitude of a plane. Although he was saved with minor injuries. The only observed consequence was Steve and Tony were no longer on speaking terms.