This new Netflix serial killer documentary Capturing The Killer Nurse will hit our mobile screens in the month of November.

All viewers must be very fascinated by the indisputable fact that I will share just now and it’s: The upcoming documentary film about the serial killer is based on the non-fiction book titled “The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder” and written by Charles Graeber.

The story of this serial killer documentary on Netflix will be based on the terrifying story of serial killer Charlie Cullen.

This upcoming series on Netflix will be full of suspense, drama, mystery thriller, and something else.

You must have many questions in your mind about the details of this upcoming serial killer documentary on Netflix. So to get answers to all of your questions read this article till the end!!!

Catching The Nurse Killer Release Date:

Catching The Killer Nurse
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Capturing The Killer Nurse is a distinctive and thrilling series on Netflix that will be released on November 11, 2022 which is Friday.

So set your schedule accordingly for that day so you can watch this mysterious series without any Distraction. This November filmy week will be a blast for you all!!!

What is the plot?

Catching The Killer Nurse

It has been mentioned that the entire story of this documentary will revolve around a serial killer nurse named Charlie Cullen. The protagonist of the story on which the whole stories will be based was once believed to be a really well-functioning and well-respected nurse at Somerset Medical Center which was located in New Jersey.

But the world of all the people related to her life was turned upside down when it quickly emerged that Charlie was probably the most mysterious serial killers in history. And she owns a body count that potentially numbers in the hundreds.

The documentary Capturing The Killer Nurse will consist of interviews with fellow nurses who helped bring Charlie Cullen to justice. In addition, the documentary will consist of some original audio by Charlie Cullen.

There is a really surprising indisputable fact that gives you Goosebumps and that’s: Charlie Cullen claimed to have killed at least 29 patients during his tenure in health care, but some experts suspect that he may have taken around 400 lives.

In present life, Charlie Cullen is currently serving 18 consecutive life sentences at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton.

Who will be in the cast?

Catching The Killer Nurse

If you are wondering why such interesting characters will be played, particularly the protagonist of the story, let us clear your doubts!!!

• Eddie Redmayne will be playing the challenging role of Charlie Cullen

There must be many other actors who play the side rows in the film which will be known as it airs.

Capturing The Killer Nurse runtime:

The duration of this serial killer documentary on Netflix is ​​only one hour and 34 minutes. That’s pretty much an ideal length I believe!!!!

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