‘Detective Conan’ from the main character of Gosho Aoyama, a “criminal” with a black silhouette, is the subject of this spin-off manga created and illustrated by Mayuko Kanba. Case Closed: The Anime Detective Conan, a Netflix original anime series In The Culprit Hanzawa, a mysterious suspect with dark motives is tracked as he negotiates the dangerous alleys of Beika Town.

Overview of Case Closed: The Guilty End Hanzawa

Case Closed: The Guilty Hanzawa

Hanzawa, a young man with a sinister-looking silhouette, makes his first appearance in The Culprit Hanzawa before migrating to the dangerous city of Beika. Finding an inexpensive and stigma-free place to live is his precedence.

After failing to find one, he ultimately finds a shared apartment and befriends Hanbayashi, who looks like him. However, Hanbayashi executes the murder and is caught for it, while Hanzawa fantasizes about killing a certain someone.

Hanzawa travels to the town hall and the police station, where he must update and renew his license to obtain the mandatory paperwork to begin living in Beika Town. The next adventure begins when Hanzawa cannot let his hair fall because he cannot find shampoo in the bathroom.

He then walks around town attempting to find a grocery store to buy, but there’s none. The next nightmare has Hanzawa mistakenly buying a knife from the weapons store late at night when he’s seriously hooked. Ran Mouri finally deals with the scamming mafia with whom he also comes into contact.

Hanzawa has to find a job, which is difficult in Beika, with the little money he has left. In addition, he has no way to cover the rent for the following month. Hiroshi Agasa, an old man in a suspicious looking coat, finally offers him a job. To Hanzawa’s dismay and horror, the task requires being hit by a tranquilizer dart that can put an elephant to sleep.

Later, Hanzawa secures a job at a video store. The position looks promising, but when he arrives at work, he discovers that the manager has been murdered. The case is quickly solved by all the current investigators before Hanzawa.

Realizing that they’re all store employees, he finally complies with their requests to hide their identities while posing as workers and working as investigators at night. The work is fulfilling, but Hanzawa continuously fills in for his friends. First, he visits a pet store to get a new pet that he can trust and is also obedient.

Although Hakuba pays the premium for the fluffiest and cutest Pomeranian puppy, his heart belongs to her. Later, after hearing his roommates make fun of his foolish, rural outfit, Hanzawa decides to stock up on the newest fashion. According to an urban legend of Beika Town, in the end he buys all black clothes, which is very unlucky.

When Hanzawa feels eyes on him from behind, the urban legend becomes true, and he finally has to give up his plans for his safety and return to his old clothes. Hanzawa’s mother comes to visit, which embarrasses him.

He runs up to her and refuses to go with her to the tour tower. He runs to save her when he hears there are hostages in the same tower, but when he gets there, she is sitting on a bench eating cotton candy because she could not get there in time for the disaster.

Hanzawa arrived in Beika long ago, but still cannot locate the man he intends to kill. He ultimately finds him after several public services and tries to change his fortunes. When he tries to kill him, he fails to do so and then realizes that he’s the master thief known as “Kid,” who resembles the person he really intended to track down and kill.