Charmed Season 3 Update: The transgender character, who uses the pronoun he/she/they’re different, is anticipated to play Kevin, a university student who befriends Mel (Melonie Diaz), Macy (Madeleine Mantock), and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) where they’re tasked with dealing with a formidable enemy.

The confirmation of his involvement, which is a major step towards increasing representation in front of and off camera, comes during Trans Awareness Week.

“2020 isn’t all bad news,” Hawkins wrote on Instagram, together with a screenshot of Deadline’s first report. Jeffery shared an analogous photo on his Instagram account, as he encouraged everybody to welcome the novice to the Charmed group.

“It’s great and we all get through this,” replied the 27-year-old.

Charmed Season 3: Update

In addition to appearing in Ava DuVernay and Greg Berlanti’s The Red Line, where he had a recurring role as a transmasculine, non-binary character, Riley, Hawkins has appeared in games such as All Rise, Criminal Minds, and NCIS: Naval Criminal. Investigative Service.

Charmed season 2

Based on the 1990s series of the same name, Charmed centers on three sisters who find themselves nearly as good witches after their mother’s death.

Marisol had tied the knot with his kids when they were each born to protect them and permit them to live a normal life, but he was in the process of releasing their power the night he was killed. The sisters finally embraced their new future as The Charmed Ones, the most powerful trio of good witches who defended innocent lives from demons and other dark forces.

Changed several things again from the original Charmed series, including moving fictional settings from San Francisco to Hilltown; making my middle sister gay; to give a younger sister the ability to read on the phone rather than predicting; changing the family name from Halliwell to Vera, and that the names of all three sisters written start with ‘M’ rather than ‘P’.

In addition, the resume has a wide range of ethnic characters: Mantock is Afro-Caribbean, Diaz is Puerto Rican, and Jeffery is African American, English and Canadian. Maggie is both Afro-Latinas.

They are gifted as individuals – Mel can bend time, Macy has the power of telekinesis and Maggie can learn other people’s feelings – young women are very strong as a unit, and they must learn to work together using the ‘Three Powers’ to defeat the enemies of the world.

Charmed airs on The CW in the US, while UK viewers can catch it on E4.