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Our founders, a couple of undergraduates at Clarkson University, recognized the impact media has on people's emotions when COVID-19 flooded the world with bad news. Now, we're fighting back by delivering the same important stories, with a positive spin!

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Vaccine developers plan joint safety pledge to prevent premature approval

Several COVID-19 vaccine developers, including Pfizer Inc, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna Inc, plan to issue a public pledge not to seek government approval until

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‘I Am Greta’ premiering at the Venice Film Festival

A documentary about teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, which opens at the Venice Film Festival, seeks to remind the world occupied with the coronavirus that

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Messi staying in Barcelona for another year

Messi has confirmed he will be staying at Barcelona for another season. The decision was announced after Messi had sent the club a message stating

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SpaceX’s satellite internet proves it can handle video games and streaming in latest test

SpaceX updated an early test of its Starlink satellite internet network that showed the speed at which it can play online video games and stream

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UK leads the world with a new program for beating COVID and famine

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab promised on Wednesday that Britain will lead the world in responding to the coronavirus and famine, and announced that it

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Pope Francis urges debt cancellation

Today, September 1, Pope Francis called on the international community to write off the debts of poor countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic. “Today the

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Polio eradicated in Africa

The African Polio Eradication Certification Commission (ARCC), which is the independent body responsible for monitoring and overseeing the certification process on the continent, officially said

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UAE’s boycott of Israel comes to an end

The United Arab Emirates president has issued a decree annulling the legislation that provides for a boycott against Israel. Now allowing trade and economic agreements

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Jacob Blake was reportedly freed from handcuffs in his hospital bed

Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back by police in the US state of Wisconsin, was allegedly freed from handcuffs while in hospital. Kenosha

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Jacob Blake affair triggers a historic boycott of American sports

Upset by the fate of Jacob Blake, the Milwaukee Bucks took everyone by surprise by refusing to play their NBA playoff game on Wednesday night,