The show focuses on the six members of the Public Security Special Extermination Division Devil 4 when they realize they’re stranded on the 8th level of the hotel in ‘Chainsaw Man Episode 6,’ titled ‘Kill Denji’.

However, the Devil, who controls everything, proposes to make a deal with them to free everybody if he can eat Denji. Here’s everything we know about the sixth episode of ‘Chainsaw Man.’

Chainsaw Man Episode 6 Recap

Chainsaw Man Episode 6
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Chainsaw Man Episode 6 picks up where the last episode left off, with Hirokazu Arai looking at the stairs and Himeno following with the help of Kobeni Higashiyama.

Himeno asks what is going on, and Aki replies that there must be a Devil force at work as he enters a room. He finds that the windows only go into other rooms after he turns on the light. After passing through the second room, he exits through the door opposite the one he entered.

Arai realizes that they go far, they end up continuously looking for the Devil in the eighth level. Himeno is similarly interested in the strange phenomenon and tests it, only to discover that it’s genuine.

Aki then checks the other rooms on the ground, only to find out that no matter what they try, there isn’t any way out of the 8th floor.

When Aki, Denji, and Himeno confront him, the Devil reveals that his heart is not on the 8th floor, implying that they can’t kill him. He does, however, offer to sign a deal with the Devil Hunters. If they let him eat Denji, he suggests they let everybody live.

Kobeni unexpectedly appears from her room and urges her friends to accept the deal, even to attack Denji personally. Arai agrees with Kobeni, but Aki and Himeno refuse to make a deal with their opponent, who later reveals himself as the Eternity Devil.

When nothing works in his favor, the Eternity Devil surrounds the whole land in one go, forcing the Devil Hunters to flee.

Chainsaw Man Episode 6 Ending Explained.

Chainsaw Man Episode 6

Kobeni and Arai become totally paranoid when the Eternity Devil surrounds the members of the Public Safety Devil Special Extermination Division 4. They try to convince Himeno and Aki to accept the terms of the contract provided to them, but they continue they refuse. Finally, Aki realizes they’re running out of time and decides to use his blade instead.

But Himeno intervenes and stops him from doing so. She then explains that Aki’s life will be significantly reduced if he uses the sword because of the bargain he made.

Kobeni has seen enough at this point and tries to attack Denji to end the conflict. However, he inadvertently trips Aki, who dives between the two to save Denji.

Aki starts bleeding profusely, but Powers stops the flow using Blood manipulation. However, it isn’t stated if he suffered any internal organ damage or significant problems.

As a result, we turned to the manga series for a proof. The knife is a considerable condition, but the damage is not fatal, and Aki will soon recover.

Worthy is dead?

Chainsaw Man Episode 6
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Even although the plan is dangerous and his chances of survival are small, Denji rushes directly into the mouth of the Devil and is devoured. The episode closes on an unclear note, even though Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series makes it clear that Denji is not going to die anytime soon.

After turning into the Chainsaw Devil, he will risk his life to save himself and the other five members of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4. It is preferable to wait until the next episode and see how the fight unfolds.