Chainsaw Man episode 8 premiered on Tuesday, November 29, kicking off the highly anticipated Katana Man storyline.

The episode started with the ultimate conclusion of the Eternity Devil arc, which was largely centered on Denji’s interactions with Makima & Himeno after the night with Division 4.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 Ending explained!

Chainsaw Man Episode 8

Makima is on her way to Kyoto the day after the welcome party to attend a meeting with her colleagues and the top brass of the Public Security Devil Hunters.

Unfortunately, the passengers in the back and front seats unexpectedly jump out and shoot Makima and her close colleague at point blank range as she is lost in her thoughts and looks out the window.

Although the first bullet seems to have gone through her head, the unidentified assailants (later discovered to be working for the Gun Devil) keep shooting until they’re sure Makima is dead.

Her lifeless expression suggests that she is undoubtedly dead, but her narrative doesn’t stop here. While the mysteries of her powers and Devil agreements are a subject for an additional day, we can confirm (according to the manga) that Makima will also survive the ambush, and will play a very important role in the coming arcs.

Himeno is dead, and what happened to Denji and Aki?

Chainsaw Man Episode 8
We’ve Got It Covered

As a frightened Aki prepares to fight again, the Katana Man quickly punches his body three times before he can react. Himeno was injured when the Katana Man opened fire, and despite her pleas, Power and the Devil Ghost refused to help her.

Himeno, determined not to see Aki die before her eyes, makes a new deal with the Devil Ghost and herself in exchange for the devil’s full abilities. This turns out to be a disastrous decision, as Katana Man and her unidentified collaborator kill the Devil Ghost.

Himeno’s body parts begin to disappear, and when Aki turns to look at his old colleague, her clothes are left on the ground.

Himeno is dead now, as no human can live after offering himself to the devil, irrespective of the pact. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s ongoing manga series supports this.

Denji is seriously injured, but because he’s a hybrid, even a gunshot wound to the skull is not enough to kill him. On the other hand, Aki will be a critical character in the Katana Man, Bomb Devil, International Assassins, and Gun Devil Arcs; therefore, despite his injuries, he’s unlikely to die soon.


Chainsaw Man Episode 8 was a breath of fresh air that came out of nowhere and took everybody by surprise. Whether it was necessary is debatable, but let’s embrace the ride while it lasts.