39-year-old actor Chris Hemsworth goes shirtless surfing with his sons in Australia. We have seen many celebrities enjoying their time with family as they get away from their busy schedules.

Whether it’s related to going to the mountains for a perfect hike or enjoying the beach, everything is appreciated and at the same time makes the news. We discuss any family man celebrities than try to spend plenty of their time with the kids and at the same time with their partners.

The same happened with actor Chris Hemsworth, 39 years old. He was seen spending quality time with his two kids Tristan and Sasha.

The Avenger actor looked hot as ever in his shirtless Avatar while swimming in black drunk. He certainly likes to enjoy surfing and that’s why why he took his kids to the beach.

The actor took a photo while surfing near his home. At one point, he and his two kids were seen unloading the surfing boat.

Here you can check some pictures of Chris Hemsworth In Twins Tristan and Sasha.

Chris Hemsworth

Then the actor appeared in a black shirt for the sunny area and went with his blond hair. Before he went surfing, the actor made headlines related to his underwater video.

With all these videos and pictures near the waters, one can easily say that he is unquestionably a water lover. And that’s the reason why he never hesitates to show off his body and muscles while going short.

According to the underwater video, Chris Hemsworth did not let any distractions come his way. And that’s the reason why he was very focused on his goal, no matter what was happening around him.

He was trying to swim and completed 200 minutes in the water. For Chris, Hemsworth, fitness is something really necessary for humanity and this is what he wants to teach his kids.

If the actor is not spending time with his family then he is unquestionably working hard for his career. He is currently busy with his next and most awaited film called Extraction 2.

The movie is coming in July 2023 as it is taken into account as the best in action. It is the second part of the film called Extraction which came in 2020.

The first trailer of the movie has already been released and it was in September 2022. Fans love the avatar of the actor very much and that’s why why they can’t wait to watch it with family and friends.