Chris Rock recently questions the claim of racism Meghan Markle in his comedy special. There are certain comments from celebrities that come to them naturally and very thoughtfully in front of the media.

However, these items are easily targeted by certain audience groups in addition to by media persons with other celebrities present.

And that’s the reason why those who commented are easily targeted with criticism that comes heavily at them. It can even become a matter of comedy if not taken seriously.

The same thing happened recently when comedian Chris Rock questioned Meghan Markle’s racism claim in the upcoming comedy special. This will be his first live stand-up comedy performance.

And that is the reason why we have seen quite a lot of great topics that have been covered from comedian to comedian Netflix release From Will Smith to Meghan Markle, many celebrities have been targeted.

Here’s what Chris Rock had to say about Meghan Markle’s Racism claim!

Chris Rock

Chris Rock targeted Meghan Markle and her claim related to the racism that’s present in the royal family. In this special, he said how everyone seems to be trying to be a victim. Since she went on the Oprah show where she argued about racism, the comedian said as if he was not aware of the racism present in the royal family.

The comedian also went further and said that it’s a royal family so it is extremely apparent that they’re very racist. It was directly or indirectly indicating the colonization done by the ancestors present in the royal family. He continued and said:

“Because she’s complaining, I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? ‘They’re so racist, they wanted to understand how brown the baby was going to be…’ I was like, ‘That’s not racist,’ because ‘even Black people want to understand how brown the baby is going to be. S—. We check behind their ears.”

He also talked about it being pretty simple to take related to the dilemma of being a black girl trying to feel accepted in a white family. But at the same time, he claimed that it’s not as difficult as the acceptance of a white person in a black family.

And that’s the reason why he called out the Kardashian family, particularly the mother Kris JennerStatue of Liberty.