It’s the time of year for feel-good vacation movies, and Netflix just added one that’s sure to warm your heart and get you in the spirit of the season. Nowadays, it appears to be everyone seems to be producing a vacation movie, and Netflix’s Christmas offerings are all the time funny and star-studded, like this year’s Falling for Christmas with Lindsay Lohan.

The romantic comedy Christmas With You, which gives classic vacation tales a music industry twist, recently launched its trailer on the streamer.

The upcoming vacation romantic comedy film titled Christmas With You is currently in production. Gabriela Tagliavini, who has lots of expertise in directing romantic comedies, is in control of Christmas With You as the film’s director. She was the director of Claramente, Without Men, and Ladies Night.

Both Paco Farias and Jennifer C. Stetson, both making their feature writing debuts, penned the screenplay.

The script was written by Farias and Stetson, and was based on a narrative written by German producer Michael Torres. To learn more about the movie “Christmas With You,” including its release date, cast, story, and other relevant information, read on.

Christmas With You Netflix Release Date

Christmas With You

The first episode of Christmas with You will be available on Netflix on November 17 in both the US and the UK. The American city of New York hosted the whole filming of the series, which cost less than $10 million. It has been confirmed that the length of time that Christmas With You will last is 89 minutes.

Christmas With You Major Casts

Christmas With You

Netflix fans may recognize Aimee Garcia from her role as Ella in the series Lucifer, which was an enormous smash on the streaming service.

It’s not unforeseen that Garcia is portraying a pop diva because some of her most memorable episodes of Lucifer were musicals that gave her an opportunity to show off her singing and dancing skills.

Over the years, Garcia has made appearances on a wide range of programs, including recurring parts on Dexter and Vegas.

Freddy Prinze Jr. gained popularity for his performances in films, including She’s All That, the series I Know What You Did Last Summer, Star Wars: Rebels, and the live-action series Scooby-Doo. The last time we saw him was in Clerks III. The entire cast of Christmas With You can be seen below.

1. Aimee Garcia will play the role of Angelina

2. Freddy Prinze Jr.

3. Deja Monique Cruz will play the role of Cristina

4. Zenzi Williams will play the role of Monique

5. Lawrence J. Hughes will play the role of Barry

Christmas With You Movie Plot Speculation

The main character of the film is Angelina, a global pop singer who is experiencing creative and emotional exhaustion because of her successful profession.

Angelina, in need of rest, makes the decision to fly to a less populated area to see a fan whose cover video is connected to her. Christmas With You is essentially a light comedy. But the trailer raises some important points about the music business, specifically the pressure placed on musicians to create Christmas albums.

In addition, the plot is treated with a little bit of humorous flair thanks to the colourful supporting cast, specifically when Angelina visits a small town to surprise a local fan.

However, Christmas With You also has you covered if you are in desperate need of nostalgia and 90s heartthrobs; the trailer shows Freddie Prinze Jr. in the role of a music teacher who is the father of Angelina’s young fan.

As a conventional Christmas romantic comedy, the music star and the music teacher seem to get along famously, to the point where the two of them end up writing a song together; and with the help of some vacation cheer, they simply might end up falling in love. The trailer is available directly below.

Director of Christmas With You

Gabriela Tagliavini was the director of Christmas With You. Award-winning writer and director Tagliavini is well known for his work on Spanish-language films and tv shows. She is currently working on both this vacation project for Netflix and a feature picture for Sony.

How Do You See Christmas With You?

Netflix is ​​the lone provider of Christmas With You as it’s an original production of the streaming service. You can select from a wide range of options available if you haven’t got a Netflix subscription.