The finale of the first season of Citadel not only brings the first chapter of the thrilling spy series but also brings up the next expansion of the “Citadel Spyverse”.

Citadel Ending Explained: The first season of Prime VideoThe gripping spy thriller series, ‘Citadel,’ comes to its gripping conclusion with its sixth and final episode, which leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the season finale unfolds, the strain rises to exceptional levels for the main protagonists, Mason and Nadia, as the life of their beloved daughter hangs in the balance.

Determined to protect their family, they embark on a dangerous mission that pushes them beyond their limits, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and confront the unimaginable.

The season finale delivers unforeseen twists and jaw-dropping revelations that totally shake up our understanding of the show and its characters.

The end of the first season has significant implications for the future of the Citadel and its agents, and promises an thrilling and unpredictable journey ahead.

So continue reading this article until the end to know in detail everything about the end of the Citadel.

Brief Recap Of The Citadel Episode 6.

Citadel Episode 6
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In this episode, Nadia and Mason find themselves in a dire situation when their daughter, Asha, is kidnapped by a Manticore, forcing them to conform with the kidnapper’s demands.

Dahlia Archer assigns Mason a critical mission: infiltrate a Russian submarine and retrieve its nuclear missile cores.

Mason’s unique ability stems from his past actions during a mission to obtain the Citadel’s password, where he made alterations and installed his own secret code.

In a revealing flashback, Mason’s anger at Nadia’s sudden disappearance and their breakup becomes apparent, leading him to disclose her whereabouts.

Despite being told that it’s in Berlin, Mason is still not convinced and begins a dangerous journey to uncover the reality.

Along the way, he stumbles upon a startling revelation: he has a child in Valencia, a secret that Nadia has carefully kept from him. As the destiny of the Citadel hangs in the balance, Mason’s discoveries add an additional layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

Citadel Episode 6 Ending Explained: Why Did Mason Betray the Citadel?

Citadel Episode 6
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In the previous episode, Mason opens up to Nadia about his difficult past as an orphan. His loyalty to Cittadella comes from the purpose they provided him after his father’s death and his mother’s subsequent abandonment.

However, his love for Nadia led him to betray her by turning his back on Celeste and becoming desperate to find her when she disappeared.

A revealing flashback reveals Mason’s diplomatic parents and a bomb explosion in Serbia that claimed his father’s life. His mother, Dahlia Archer, passed away, and Mason was only reunited with her years later.

Dahlia, involved in American politics and working undercover for Manticore, offers Mason help when Citadel fails to disclose Nadia’s whereabouts.

She exposes the dark secrets of the Citadel, revealing that they were responsible for covering up the bomb blast. This revelation triggers Mason’s desire to avenge his father and dismantle Citadel.

However, his real turning point comes when Bernard shares photos of Nadia and their newborn daughter.

Fearing for their child’s safety, Mason decides to keep their daughter a secret to protect her from the Citadel. Determined to create a better world for their daughter, he embarks on a mission to end the Citadel once and for all.

Citadel Episode 6: Who Is the Mole?

Citadel Episode 6
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Eight years ago, the fall of the Citadel was revealed to be an inside job, where a traitorous agent provided Manticore with the identities of all the other agents, leading to a brutal bloodbath.

Only a few agents survived. Years later, Mason, now known as Kyle, teams up with the remaining agents in his quest to regain his lost memories.

With no memory of the past, Mason relies on Bernard and Nadia for guidance, but doubts arise about Mole’s existence, leading him to suspect Nadia. However, the reality turns out to be even more shocking.

In a flashback, it’s revealed that Mason’s own mother, Dahlia Archer, obtained the agents’ details and shared them with Manticore, revealing that Mason himself was the Mole.

This confirms that Mason was the one who betrayed the agency he had dedicated himself to from a young age. His lack of memories added to the mystery, as the story unfolded from his perspective.

However, the events of the final episode leave no room for doubt—Mason’s betrayal of Citadel is an indisputable truth.

What is Citadel: Diana?

Citadel Episode 6

The finale of the first season of Citadel not only brings the first chapter of the thrilling spy series but also brings up the next expansion of the “Citadel Spyverse”.

The end credits hint at the next installment, Citadel: Diana, which will explore the series’ Italian roots.

Starring Matilda De Angelis in the lead role, the short trailer gives a glimpse of the action-packed nature of this spinoff.

Although no story details are revealed, fans can expect an equally thrilling and suspenseful experience as they dive into Citadel: Diana.

The highly anticipated Italian spinoff is scheduled to debut in 2024, further expanding the world of Citadel.