The drama “Class”, which is set in Delhi, examines the complexity of Indian life and focuses on themes including revenue corruption, homophobia, inequality, casteism, mistreatment of youngsters, and addiction.

The series opens with the passing of a prominent character, and throughout the rest of the season, it switches forward and backward between the past and the present as the police investigate.

The Official Class Synopsis

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The Spanish series “Elite” was adapted into Netflixthe Indian Hindi Language program “Class,” which focuses on three transfer children called Saba Manzoor (Madhyama Rye), Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki (Piyush Khati), and Balli Sehrawat (Cwaayal Singh) as they attend Hampton International, an establishment made to offer scholarships to rich and influential families in India.

End of Class Explained

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This season, the primary talking point is the horrific death of Suhani. Suhani’s troubled upbringing is primarily the result of Suraj and Garima’s bad parenting.

She was given several prescription medicines and shortly began using over-the-counter ones. Before the start of the show, young Suhani started dating Mayank, who, as he had done with his previous victims, posted her photos online.

Suhani is still a teenager in many ways. Strong indications point to Veer and his friends killing Mayank after learning about her.

Suhani learns that Dheeru and Neeru’s father owes 15 lakh rupees (1.5 million) to SK Chowdhary, a Nurpur corporator who works for Suraj, and tells Dheeru and Neeru about the diamond-encrusted phones made of precious metals. which Tarun Kalra, Koel’s father, collects.

Neeru manages to steal these phones, and after realizing that one of the phones has critical encrypted data that could put Tarun in jail, he starts demanding 25 lakh rupees from the other man.

Before meeting Tarun, Neeru gets on the phone with Suhani. Koel discovers the other girl holding the phone and makes an unsuccessful try to steal it with Balli’s help.

After seeing everything, Sharan believes that if he can get the phone from Suhani, he can get Koel back. To appease her family during their argument, he repeatedly slaps Suhani with the Hampton Gold medal she had previously received from the school.

Finally, he picks up the phone and approaches Koel to tell her what happened. Koel, wise and cold, drops the prize and Sharan’s bloody clothes into a lake.

After Dheeru testifies that he saw his brother running from Suhani’s body, Neeru is arrested for the murder. Tarun had promised to pay the cops investigating the murder, he found out.

Who Is Arrested For Suhani’s Murder?

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Koel disposes of Suhani’s possessions while Sharan is with her in a lake. Koel’s parents comfort their agitated child. They indicate that everything will be fine because they’ve all experienced this.

Koel promises that she won’t let anyone ruin her family’s reputation. The police detain Neeraj while the Ahujas mourn the loss of their son. After escaping from Mr. Kalra’s men, Suhani was discovered dead in the campus.

In his evidence, Dheeraj said that Neeraj was last seen near Suhani’s body. He never claimed that Neeraj killed the lady. However, Koel’s father played his cards and paid off the cops.

The police catch Neeraj for killing Suhani using Dheeraj’s testimony and the surveillance video which only captures Neeraj escaping. Dheeraj tries to see his brother in jail, but the guards forbid him.