Class of ’09 is about to come out and here are all the details one needs to know. There are certain drama series that are about to release at the same time that have created plenty of anticipation amongst fans.

Whether it’s related to the plot or related to the cast and characters, everything is now the highlight of this series. When one talks a couple of particular theme then drama is taken into account probably the most liked categories and probably the most watched categories.

And the same will occur in the coming days when the series will be taking care of certain dramas that will be loved by the audience for sure. The class of ’09 is amongst them as it’s about to graduate.

Class Of 09 Release Date

Class Of '09

It is an American drama series or we can say a miniseries that’s about to be released on the Hulu platform. The series is created by Tom Rob Smith who is also one of the executive producers.

When it comes to production companies, Fox Productions in addition to Color Force are the ones. The Class of ’09 will air on May 10, 2023. The first and second episodes will air on the same day but subsequent episodes will follow within a week.

It is time for the release of the third episode so it is going to be 17 May 2023. The next episode will be followed on 24 May 2023.

Talking about the direction then it is going to be directed by different directors, however, the responsibility of the writing is given only and only to Tom Rob Smith, apart from episode 5 where Jihan Crowther also contributed with Tom. Series production began back in June 2021.

In total it will have 8 episodes which will follow a running time of someplace around 32 to 40 minutes. It was in August 2022 when the casting was initially announced but later announced in full. The cast and character of the Class of ’09 is really remarkable.

Class Of ’09 Cast Members

Class Of '09

Be it related to the main or supporting characters, everybody is taken into account as one of the anticipated amongst the fans as they’re waiting to see them in their particular role.

Speaking of other aspects then here are the details of all the actors with their particular characters: Brian Tyree Henry as Tayo Miller, Kate Mara as Amy Poet, Raúl Castillo as Amos, Jake McDorman as Murphy, Sepideh Moafi in the role of Hour, Brian J. Smith as Lennix, Jon Jon Briones as Gabriel, Brooke Smith as Drew, Rosalind Eleazar as Vivienne and Briar Boggs as Henry Lee.