Cobra Kai Season 3 Updates: Cobra kai is an American martial arts drama streaming television series. The series is based on the karate kid film series. The excellent news is that series co-creator Jon Hurwitz has revealed that the writers are in the process of thinking about bringing back Karate Kid’s Julie Pierce (Hillary Swank) next.

Swank starred in 1994’s ‘The Next Karate Kid’. The movie was not about Daniel Larusso and Jiohnny Lawrence, but it is anticipated that Morita’s role will be the main role in Cobra Kai.

What made Cobra Kai such a popular series?

The first 2 seasons of the series were broadcast on youtube. Later, the broadcast took place on the streaming giant Netflix. His move to Netflix made it to get such a high profile.

Another reason behind the series’ popularity is the return of past karate kids actors. Like Macchio as Larusso and William Zabka as Lawrence, they’ve already returned to reprise their old roles.

Along with this, the other students from Cobra Kai Dojo like, John Kreese (Martin Kove) and Lucille (Randee Heller) were on their old reprise.

More on the return of Hilary Swank

Cobra Kai Season 3 Creators are about to bring back Hilary Swank's Julie Pierce

Already, there have been so many series returns from numerous famous shows. The most anticipated return is of Hilary Swank’s Julie Pierce. Fans are waiting for Pierce’s return and in reality, the creators of the show are expecting the same in Cobra Kai Season 3.

The show’s creator said, “In our writer’s room we talk about literally every character that has appeared in the Miyagi-Verse”. In a recent interview with Cinemablend, the creator of the series said “So it is apparent that we talked about Julie Pierce. As for whether or not she’ll return to the series, that’s something you will must wait to find out.”

With the character of Mr. Miyagi as the heart of the story, it’s a good decision to bring back the characters from Morita’s karate kid films.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Releases and updates

Considering the future plans of the series, the series has already been renewed for an additional season which is season 4. Fans will be happy to know that the series will be regular in adding more characters. from the films of the past like the karate kid.

Talking about the release of season 3, there isn’t any fixed date yet, but yes it’s likely that season 3 will be released on the streaming giant Netflix in January 2021. Until then, fans can go for the official trailer that was recently released by Netflix.