A comedy series called Community Squad will entertain you with its amusing but unimportant people and their meaningless jobs in society. The characters and the ridiculousness of the dialogue is what makes the humor work.

The community squad helps the police do their job better or works to improve the public perception of the police. Since the individuals selected to serve in the Urban Guard need help, it can be more effective.

They, therefore, seem to be more like a community service team than, at best, a rehabilitation facility. You will see in the conclusion that Felipe’s tenacity allows the Urban Squad to help in breaking up a dangerous drug network (Santiago Korovsky).

Community Squad Ending Explained

Community Squad

On the day of the shooting, Diego grabs a chicken doll, but nobody looks inside until Felipe throws it to the ground later.

After swallowing the narcotic pills hidden in the doll, Felipe’s grandmother experiences ecstasy. Felipe finally discovers a connection between the toy shop and the drug dealer.

So he asks the police and his fellow guards for help. Unfortunately, Julio, the police chief, seems unconcerned with his hypothesis.

Finding a clue is difficult for Felipe and his friends. After learning that Deigo came out of a coma one day, they travel to see them. But Julio deliberately removes Felipe alone.

All of Diego’s friends welcome him and have interaction in conversation with him. Diego, who has difficulty speaking, points out to the squad about the significant culprit. The guys finally conclude that Julio, the chief inspector, shot Diego after making jokes about him.

Felipe is with Julio. Thus the squad panics when they learn this. However, before they can ask any more questions, a doctor examines Diego and orders everybody to leave.

The team leaves, but one member returns and knocks the doctor down because she thinks he was trying to inject poison into Diego, the main witness, so she returns.

When the entire crew enters the warehouse, Felipe is already being attacked. One of the auxiliary cops arrives to help him but is shot. Thank goodness he escapes harm. His crew arrives in time and eliminates all the wrong people before Felipe can get into more danger. Julio manages to get away from the chaos.

An award ceremony will be held when the shooting is over and everyone seems to be safe. Even although the squad of guards located the drug traffickers, the minister rewards the police for locating them. After that, a scenario is presented in which Julio is still alive and watches the award ceremony on TV.

He has some visitors right away, who ask him for some cash. As Julio says that he will receive the money soon, the Chinese woman and the Korean man shoot him to death.

Then she advises the man to go to Palermo, where the guards are stationed, to get the money. Therefore, it is obvious that the narrative has not ended. The guards happily enjoy their time in the final moments, unaware of the danger ahead.