Comedy and crime are such an interesting combination I hope you all believe the same and that is why Netflix is ​​bringing a brand new series with these two astonishing genres together. And the title of the series is “Community Squad”.

Community Squad is largely a Spanish series. The story of the series is largely a ragtag civilian patrol facing an unforeseen threat.

I hope and believe that all Netflix viewers will be really excited to see this never seen combination in this upcoming Netflix series so if you want to know more in detail about the series of ‘ Netflix continue reading this article to the end!! !

When is Community Squad coming out on Netflix?

Community Squad

Community Squad new series on Netflix will be released on the 17th of February 2023 which is a Friday. So you can absolutely add this series to your February watch list. And I can assure you that you’ll not regret your decision to see this!!!

How many episodes will there be in Community Squad on Netflix?

Community Squad

Community Squad will be having 8 episodes in total and this is confirmed.

So the decision is now up to you if you’ll watch all the episodes without delay or if you’ll watch them one by one!!!

Who will be cast members in Netflix’s Community Squad Season 1?

Community Squad

We will be seeing the Spanish actors listed below playing different characters in the series:

Santiago Korovsky
Pilar Gamboa
Daniel Hendler
Martín Garabal
Marcelo Subiotto
Carlos Belloso
Charo López
Sergio Prina
• Agustín Rittano
• Alan Sabbagh
• Rafael Spregelburd
• Valeria Lois
• Iair Said
• Camila Peralta
• Fabián Arenillas
• Jonathan Jairo Nugnes
• Hernán Cuevas
• Gabriela Izcovich

Apart from all these, we will be seeing some other actors that we’ll find out as soon as the series comes out!!!

What will be the storyline of Community Squad?

Community Squad
Indie Hory

As mentioned before it is going to be a mixture of comedy and crime. We will witness a ragtag civilian patrol squad in this series that’s formed to improve the image of the local police force in the area and face an unforeseen threat after they together face a sting operation. drug trafficking.

Now how they will face this whole situation created and how they will deal with it is going to be really interesting to watch!!!!

No, there isn’t any official trailer available which can provide you with a glimpse of everything that will be happening in the series!!

Take care and thanks for reading 🙂