Constant Wu has released her baby girl after confirming her second pregnancy with her boyfriend Ryan. We have seen how many celebrities typically feel very open about everything that’s going on in their lives.

And that’s the reason why they’ve to update everything to their fans and the media person. But at the same time, they also respect the privacy of their lives and want to have the same or expect the same from their fans and the media. Talking about such one of the private issues that go with celebrities is the pregnancy and the birth of a kid.

Among them is the actress Constant Wu. The actress recently confirmed her second pregnancy with her boyfriend Ryan. She recently took to social media and flaunted her baby bump.

It was on February 21, 2023 when the actress took to Instagram and updated by sharing a lovely picture of herself.

In this picture, the actress was seen standing with her shirt off her belly which was showing her baby bump.

Keeping everything very light, the actress also shared a really funny caption calling her a bun in the oven. With this story and update, Constant Wu has confirmed all the speculations and rumors of her pregnancy.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Constance Wu flaunting her Baby Bump.

Constance Wu

It was last week when she took a photo while taking a walk in the park in Los Angeles. She was seen wearing a striped shirt coming with sneakers and black tides. Even then her baby bump was on full display however fans weren’t confirmed. Since then the rumors about the pregnancy started.

Constant Wu is currently a mother of a 2-year-old baby with her boyfriend Ryan. She welcomed her first child in August 2020 which came with a new responsibility and a new life.

Because of this, she is paying more attention to her family life in addition to keeping everything with her professionally.

In an interview, the actress revealed about her daughter’s unique birthmark. Instead of having a normal coloured butt, her daughter was blue in color. She also talked about how this stuff happened to Asian babies and how babies stay blue for the first two years of their lives. It ultimately goes away with time.