Copenhagen Cowboy, the most Danish mystery series, is a Nordic noir thriller that promises to thrill audiences all over the world. The creator and director of the tv series Copenhagen Cowboy is Nicolas Winding Refnwhich also gave us the films Drive (2011) with Ryan Gosling and The Neon Demon (2016) with Elle Fanning.

It is his first project in Danish since the conclusion of the Pusher trilogy in 2005, which made the famous Mads Mikkelsen famous and solidified Nicolas Winding Refn’s reputation as a director of independent cinema.

This page contains all the information we currently have about Nicolas Winding Refn’s Netflix Thriller series “Copenhagen Cowboy,” including premiere date, cast, story summary, and any other relevant updates.

Copenhagen Cowboy Season 1 Release Date: Is It Coming In January 2023?

Copenhagen Cowboy

Yes, season 1 of “Copenhagen Cowboy” is coming in January 2023. On September 9, 2022, Copenhagen Cowboy had its world premiere in the Venice Film Festival.

On January 5, 2023, Netflix will begin streaming the show, so interested viewers should make sure to put that date on their calendars. All six episodes will be available on Netflix on release day, so you can watch all of them directly.

Official Synopsis of the Copenhagen Cowboy Series

Copenhagen Cowboy
About Netflix

The show centers around Miu, a renegade who has entered Copenhagen’s criminal underworld on a mission of revenge.

After giving her life to an unidentified organization for years, the mysterious young renegade known as Miu is now looking for her arch-nemesis, Rakel.

She embarked on a journey that was both natural and “supernatural” to pursue revenge and justice against her adversary while navigating the sinister criminal underworld of Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, she also looks back at her past and the ways in which it was connected to numerous parts of the connections between her and her opponent.

Major Casts And Characters In Copenhagen Cowboy

Copenhagen Cowboy

The cast and main characters that will appear in the series “Copenhagen Cowboy” include the following:

1. Angela Bundalovic will portray the role of Miu

2. Fleur Frilund will portray the role of Jessica

3. Lola Corfixen will portray the role of Rakel

4. Zlatko Buric will portray the role of Miroslav

5. Andreas Lykke Jorgensen will portray the role of Nicklas

6. Jason Hendil-Forssell will portray the role of Chiang

7. Li Ii Zhang will portray the role of Mother Hulda

8. Dragana Milutinovic will portray the role of Rosella

9. Mikael Bertelsen

10. Mads Bugger

11. Ramadan Huseini

12. Per Thiim Thim

Watch the Copenhagen Cowboy Trailer

On September 4, 2022, YouTube released the first trailer for the show Copenhagen Cowboy. On 23 November 2022, the second trailer was also made available. The first sneak peek introduces viewers to Miu as she dives deeper and deeper into the neon-lit courtyard of Copenhagen’s crime lords in a visually astonishing and terrifying way.

Miu, dressed in blue and crimson, can be seen lighting a match in the opening image, indicating her desire to consume the criminal underworld in flames. Then we see shadowy mortuaries, foreboding, resurrected dark pigs, and an odd girl wearing a puffy pink dress.

Miu is confronted by numerous groups that use hand-to-hand combat, weapons, and sharp knives. It is unclear what our heroine, Miu, will face in the future.

On November 23, 2022, a second trailer was released, and it included more plot details than the first one. When we first meet Miu, she is looking out over the glittering Copenhagen skyline while holding a deep anger.

The only voice that can be heard for the entirety of the trailer belongs to longtime partner Zlatko Buric. You can watch the second trailer right above:

More About The Copenhagen Cowboy Series

Copenhagen Cowboy

Copenhagen Cowboy, a Danish Netflix original series, has been ordered by Netflix on July 22, 2022. The series will be directed by Refn, who will also serve as an executive producer for it through his own production company, NWR .

The news that Liv Corfixen would also produce the series was announced on 9 September 2022.

On 9 December 2021, PETA filed a lawsuit against the Copenhagen Cowboy production team, accusing them of killing pigs while filming the show. It was reported that they had a farmer who provided pigs for the series, and the farmer, in turn, observed a pig that was shot and killed expressly for a scene in the series.

A Copenhagen Zoo correspondent verified the death, prompting the Danish police to launch an investigation. In response, PETA wrote a letter to Reed Hastings, in which they demanded that the production team remove a sequence from the film in which pigs are shot on set.