Cracow Monsters Season 2 – Will It Return??

Kasia Adamik teamed up with Olga Chajdas to create the gritty and grim young adult supernatural series, ‘Cracow monsters’ (‘Krakowskie Potwory’). Is there a second season of Cracow Monsters? Let’s see!

The story is about a monster-infested underground world beneath Cracow, the modern city. The story centers on Alex’s puzzle as he and his nine-student team attempt to unravel a paranormal mystery. Alex lost his mother in a tragic childhood accident and drowned in alcohol, partying, drugs,, and alcohol.

Alex’s life changes when she is noticed by the professor. Alex must find her mother in another dimension to solve the mystery after a demon named Hvor unleashes havoc on a modern city. This original Polish series was released on Netflix. It attracted much attention due to its compelling storytelling, complex characters and exciting atmosphere. You might be wondering if there is a sequel to season one after the shocking ending. Let’s explore deeper to see if there is a second season.

Cracow Monsters Season 2: Possible Release Date

Cracow Monsters Season 2 - Will It Return??

The first season of ‘Cracow monsters’ premiered on Netflix on March 18, 2022. Each episode lasted 49-55 minutes. We have some information about a second season. A second season may be on the horizon, even though there has been no official announcement. Season one left the storyline unfinished. It usually takes Netflix a few months for comprehensive viewing data to be analyzed. They then decide if it makes sense to approve a new show. If the show is renewed by June 2022, then we can expect season 2 of ‘Cracow Monsters’ to debut sometime in Q1 2023.

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Cracow Monsters Season 2 Cast: Who Could It Be?

Cracow Monsters Season 2 - Will It Return??

If the second season is bright, almost all the cast members should return. These are Andrzej Chryra (Professor Zawadzki), Barbara Liberek(Alex), Anna Paliga, Kaja Chan (Hania), Stanislaw Cywka (“Birdy”) and Stanislaw Sywka (Birdy). Maja Chan (Basia), Stanislaw Lukiowski (Lucky), Mateusz Gorski, Antoni, Daniel Namiotko and Malgorzata Bela (Aitwar), all play key roles. We might also see new faces in season 2, but that’s too soon to say.

Cracow Monsters Season 2: What is It About?

Cracow Monsters Season 2 - Will It Return??

The war between the worlds is revealed in the first season finale. After Wanda’s death, Alex rushes to stop it. Veles’ last day was marked by the red moon. Alex’s grandmother arrives at the dorm to warn Alex about the red moon. Lucky’s death was already shocking to the rest of the group.

Alex believes she can communicate with Wanda, if the team recreates that sinking action. The professor forces Alex against a wall and threatens her life, leading to Hvor. The battle ensues in which Alex defeats Hvor and fulfills his mother’s prophecy. Finally, the professor saves Alex. Season 1’s final minutes, Alex visits Lucky, an apparently still-alive guardian god.

It is possible that there would have been a second season if Hvor had died. In the final, Alex is confronted by a god who reminds her of the high price she must pay for interfering with divine affairs. Hvor, however evil, is still a god and his death has consequences. Season 2 may bring Alex down further, as another monstrous giant could emerge from Slavic Mythology.

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In the seventh episode, Lucky appears to have died. We will also likely find out how Lucky is brought back to life. There will also be supernatural evil among dorm students. Hania, Basia and their in-house band might perform other songs. Fans of this genre will not be disappointed.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Trailer

We have provided a trailer for the previous season of Cracow Monsters Season 2 here. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet released or reported any information about the series. Enjoy!

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