Currently, Creed 3 actor Jonathan Majors is making headlines for his workout routine. So, here in this article, we will speak about the training routine that’s being followed by the actor Jonathan Majors. But, before that, we will know briefly about Jonathan Majors.

Jonathan Majors first gained notoriety for his role in the film “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” and later gained more recognition for his performances in the films “Loki” and “Atticus Freeman.”

Due to his undeniably hot physique, Major’s photos have been going viral on the internet. He has been on a strict diet and exercise regimen to build a sculpted body with ripped abs, an enviable upper body, and big arms.

Let’s have a look at the actor’s back bodybuilding program to see how it helped him achieve his toned physique.

What is Jonathan Majors currently working on?

Creed 3

Jonathan Majors has been working hard on the preparations for a number of important projects that are about to be released in theaters. Creed III, an upcoming film, will be the location for his next appearance as Michael B. Jordan. In addition, he will be seen in the role of Kang in the upcoming major film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

In the films Devotion and Magazine Dreams, Jonathan Majors will play an aviator and a bodybuilder, respectively. Majors has been preparing for these films for a couple of year, and in that time, he has added about 21 pounds to his body while reducing his body fat to under ten percent.

Jonathan Majors doesn’t take his exercise regimen seriously in order to play the role capably on the big screen; for him, it’s a method of personal expression.

Credit 3: Jonathan Majors Training Routine

Here’s a look at Jonathan Majors’ challenging back-building routine that gave him his recently shredded physique. He usually performs three sets of every exercise, with ten repetitions per set. This exercise program for developing the back includes the following exercises:

1. Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

In the Major’s workout plan, the straight arm lat pulldown is a key exercise. It helps muscles grow by focusing on the core muscles in the arms and shoulders. It also has the potential to help improve one’s posture.

2. Close Grip Pull-up

The close grip pull-up is an excellent exercise for Major as it allows him to focus on his chest and biceps muscles. The stomach, back, and arms can all benefit from upper body strengthening exercises like this one.

3. Leg Raise

Leg raises are an important exercise in the Major’s routines for improving back health. By strengthening the lower body and core, they help build strength. In addition, this exercise helps to extend the range of motion and strengthens and strengthens the muscles.

4. Raise the knee obliquely

It is a pull-up variation that promotes the development of muscle mass and abdominal strength. In addition, this exercise helps to increase the stability of the midline.

5. The One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Another important exercise in the Major’s workout regimen is this. The back, arms, shoulders and core are all targeted in this compound exercise, which helps increase strength in the upper body.

6. Dumbbell Shrug

Jonathan’s back building practice includes dumbbell shrugs as one of the most important exercises because it works the trapezius and shoulder muscles. In addition, it helps in strengthening the upper body and balancing the imbalance of the shoulders.

As a result, Jonathan Majors has been following a rigorous fitness program to develop an unmatched physique. As he’s engaged with a number of considerable and upcoming projects, such as Magazine Dreams, Ant-Man, Devotion, and Creed III.

About The Movie Creed 3

Michael B. Jordan will direct the upcoming American film Creed III, which is a drama centered on the sport of boxing and was written by Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin. Sylvester Stallone he no longer plays Rocky Balboa in this film, however, he continues to produce under the Balboa Productions brand.

In addition, Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute this film overseas for the first time as a United Artists Releasing production. On March 3, 2023, Warner Bros. Pictures will release Creed III globally, and United Artists Releasing will distribute domestically.

When we last saw Adonis, he had just defeated Viktor Drago, ending a long-standing feud since Apollo Creed, Adonis’ own father, was killed in Rocky IV by Viktor’s father, Ivan Drago (1985).

Adonis’ continued development as a better father to his daughter will likely be the main theme of Creed 3, the third installment in the series, as opposed to other parental figures who have lost touch with ‘ their own kids.