Criminal Minds Season 16: Is it Happening??

Although it’s been less than a year since The Chameleon was taken down by the BAU, many people are still wondering if Criminal Minds Season 16 will be realized. Paramount+, the new streaming service from CBS, was given a surprise renewal earlier this year.

The finale leaves many questions unanswered, particularly regarding Criminal Minds Season 16. Do not worry! To find out the news, you don’t need to be a criminal genius or a skilled investigator. The Awesome One can help you answer these mysterious questions.

Is there a Criminal Minds Season 16?

Criminal Minds Season 16: Is it Happening??

Yes, but there is a caveat. We hope that you will be able to make your own decisions about the conflicting information that caused this confusion. Deadline reported Criminal Minds Season 16 was in its earliest stages of development. Paramount+ stated that it was assembling an artistic team for Criminal Minds Season 16 and that Erica Messer would be leading the team. Erica Messer was the showrunner for “Criminal Minds” over many years.

Paramount+ knew they needed something to support their new platform offering. Criminal Minds was the original CBS offering. So it is natural that they are moving it to streaming-exclusive.

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This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any agreements in place with the showrunners, cast and crew. Paramount+ and CBS Studios and ABC Signature can work out the details. It would likely take a year before the show returns for another season.

Although it’s only been one year since the series ended in 2011, many of the cast members and crew have taken up new roles. Paramount+ will want to keep as many of the show’s key actors on board as possible, and it seems like the revival is being pitched. A shocking development was that one of the series’ key actors, Paget Brewster, has thrown cold water on any notion of a revival. Paget Brewster reported to Twitter that she thought the project was dead.

This is not exactly great news, but the status of Season 16 will remain in flux until Paramount+ clears the air. We won’t be getting that information anytime soon. Once we get confirmation, we’ll update the page.

Who will appear in Criminal Minds Season 16

Criminal Minds Season 16: Is it Happening??

TVLine reports that the revival’s cast will include familiar faces as well as new characters. It’s too early to tell if any actors will be returning for Criminal Minds Season 2, as Paramount+ hasn’t set any.

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Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer), A. J. Cook, Joe Mantegna(Rossi), Joe Mantegna (“Rossi”), Kirsten Vangsness” (Garcia), Paget Brawster (Prentiss), Adam Rodriguez (“Luke”) and Aisha Tyler (“Lewis”) were the show’s final season cast. Every single character survived to fight another day. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that all the Season 15 actors will be available to perform, it does indicate that there is a possibility that at least some of them would. Criminal Minds, unlike some shows that end with the characters going their separate ways after the show ends, went the opposite way. Garcia was the only one who left the team.

The real challenge would be Shemar Moor, who played Derek Morgan between 2005 and 2017. He then left Criminal Minds to show his CBS show, S.W.A.T. Fans were disappointed Moore did not make an appearance in this season’s finale. However, Paramount+ could lure Moore back to the revival if they can get enough footage.

Brewster, in a recent interview, confirmed that all cast members from seasons 12-15 were invited back for the next season. While we don’t know who accepted the invitation, let’s just hope they all agree to a reunion.

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