The first episode of Cruel Summer Season 2 sets up a love triangle between best friends Meghan, Luke, and newcomer Isabella.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 2 was released on June 5, and here is the thing you need to know about the episode. Is a friendship that burns this bright necessarily doomed to burn out?

Cruel Summer has one bold feature in both seasons: the series decides to stick with its main characters throughout the episodes, giving virtually no subplots to any of the secondary actors.

Additionally, when these secondary characters do receive backstories, they’re often seen through the eyes of the protagonists, indicating that the show wants viewers to focus totally on the female duo it follows.

This is a brave effort at storytelling; however, as with Season 1, it causes some issues in Season 2.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained.

Why did Isabella take the fall for Meghan?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 2
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The first episode of Cruel Summer Season 2 sets up a love triangle between best friends Meghan, Luke, and newcomer Isabella, and the second episode only stirs things up.

The s*x movie that went viral was between boyfriend and girlfriend Meghan and Luke, not Isabella, as everybody in town believes.

Because of Meghan’s response to the other two parties after the premiere, she was confused at first, but the only explanation is that Meghan was not happy that the video was released.

Isabella agrees to keep this a secret and to take the fall for Meghan so that her scholarship is not cancelled, even if it means becoming the town prostitute and the focus of everybody’s attention.

Who filmed the s*x tape?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 2

Much of “Ride or Die” delves into who might have created the recording, and two options emerge: Brent, Luke’s misguided brother who has a habit of filming his girlfriends, and Jeff, the filmmaker of the peer group. which is growing.

It does not take long for everybody to focus on Brent, tipped off by a past lover who accuses him of trying on her, and Isabella enters their home to shoot their other VHS tapes.

She has no fear of consequences (she practically smashes a planter through their glass door), and they’re the folks she does not want to share.

But, in this case, she appears to be correct: Brent admits this when their father interrogates them both, but Luke subsequently claims that Brent does not know it is Meghan, even although he was the one who recorded it.

It remains to be seen if Brent is telling the entire truth, and we would not be shocked if he ditches Meghan in the future.

Who killed Luke?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 2

Isabella takes the blame for Meghan but also has feelings for Luke. Meghan is jealous as she makes a move on him at a pool party in July 1999.

Isabella also discovers a bag of pills in Meghan’s baggage, which reappears in 2000 when Luke’s body is autopsied.

There’s a lot to learn between then and December when Meghan and Luke meet, but it is shaping up to be a narrative about the two women’s obsession.

Meghan asks Isabella to do something with her, referring to it as a ‘ride or die’ before jumping off a cliff and into the water; in this episode, Isabella hears Meghan repeat these titular words to Luke and seems to go tell Meghan’s mum the reality about the s*x tape in retaliation.

The authorities found in the year 2000 that Luke had been murdered before being thrown into the lake and that his body was not only riddled with bullet holes but also with sleeping pills to guarantee that he wouldn’t live.

Isabella intends to leave town, but her intentions are thwarted when the police decide to question everybody about the mysterious murder, and it’s discovered that Luke was last seen at a New Year’s party.

Cruel Summer takes a hit in this tit-for-tat argument between Isabella and the sheriff, who looked into her past and discovered that she had attended three different schools in three years. However, it’s still unclear who killed Luke.