Dakota Johnson was recently spotted wearing a sheer top and mini skirt for Milan Fashion Week. We have seen how fashion has defined the personality of humans and at the same time if it’s related to celebrities then it goes to the next level.

And that’s the reason why many fashion week or show have been arranged where celebrities from different part of the world come under one roof and provide the best example with their fashion sense.

Whether it is related to a whole city or simply a mini dress, everything fits if you carry it with confidence.

The same happened recently with actress Dakota Johnson who looked as lovely as ever for her Milan Fashion Week. Actress Dakota Johnson, 33, looked very confident in a Gucci body suit.

She appeared just before the Gucci runway that took place on February 24, 2023. When she got to the body suit then it was black which she matched with mini skirts and a black blazer.

Here you can look at some pictures of Dakota Johnson from Milan Fashion Week 2023.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson also added sheer tights and boots. The actress was also seen carrying a black bag while keeping her makeup on point. Coming to the jewellery she went with easy silver jewellery and a white necklace.

Her hair was open and she kept it all with smoky eyes. Detailing her makeup and then red lips were going well with her outfit.

It wasn’t long ago when Dakota Johnson made headlines related to her blonde look. She was also in the news related to her relationship with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Coming back to her fashion statement then everything was going well with Gucci. It was in 2017 when the actress became the brand ambassador of the flagship brand Gucci. It is due to a close relationship between the previous creative director of Gucci and the actress that she revealed in one of the interviews of 2022.

The actress at all times stays in touch with different brands and is the reason why she never disappoints with her fashion and sense.

She at all times looks lovely and effortless while maintaining her wardrobe with a different kind of mood and taste. Apart from her fashion, she is also known for carrying an amazing sense of humor which comes very naturally to her.

Coming to her relationship then the actress is currently with her Chris Martin and it has been 5 years. They share an amazing relationship that comes with friendship and good bonding.

It is also because they try to keep their love life very private so that it cannot come or make any kind of unnecessary news.