Dandadan Chapter 97 has been set for release in March 2023. Fans are very passionate about the new chapter and are eagerly waiting.

However, the RAW release and the publication of the translated version will certainly be delayed. If you are a manga fan trying to find more details on the current chapter, read on!

What is the story for Dandadan?

Dandadan Chapter 96

Yukinobu Tatsu created the action, adventure, and fantasy manga Dandadan. It revolves around the odd exploits of teenage pair Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura. The manga has several legendary elements, in addition to gut-wrenching humor.

Followers of the manga admire Momo and Ken, but many are more committed to the narrative because of the attractive art shown in the figures.

When is the release date for Dandadan Chapter 97?

Dandadan Chapter 96

Fans will be happy to know that Dandadan Chapter 97 will be released for online reading in March 2023.

It became very popular after just a few chapters were released, and currently has an enormous fan following. Dandadan Chapter 97 has been scheduled for release on March 13, 2023.

When will Dandadan Chapter 97 Raw Scan be released?

Dandadan Chapter 96

Dandadan Chapter 97 Raw Scan will be released 2-3 days before the actual chapter is released. And it can be found on Internet groups like Reddit.

What is the recap for Dandadan Chapter 96?

Dandadan Chapter 96

Ken is desperate to feel more stable after the event with Momo Ayase and Evil Eye with Jin Enjoji. Also with Turbo Granny’s abilities, Ken is still weak. After being twisted by Mr. Shrimp, Ken decides to grow more roots on his own. In any case, Turbo Granny recognizes that this isn’t the way to become more grounded.

Along similar lines, out of sympathy, she sends him to an undesirable school to find out about the constraints of his talents. However they didn’t arrive alone. Aira Shiratori accompanied all of them the way to school.

Ken saw the difference between him and Evil Eye Jin once Turbo Granny started teaching him what he was missing with piano notes. In any case, not everything. Because, from all indications, Turbo Granny, Ken, and Aira aren’t the only ones present. Super Granny was possibly aware of this by now.

That’s why she sent Ken there to help him become more grounded by exposing him to true hell. That room was also stocked with angry ghosts who were aggravated by Turbo Granny’s unforgiving piano sounds.

Ken and Aira are now fighting these ghosts. In fact, they’re fighting these spirits even in their yokai building.