The Hollywood couple, David Harbor and Lily Allen he will be turning 3 this year. To celebrate their marriage, the duo decided to open up their luxury mansion to their fans. But it’s not just a standard house that one can think of.

David Harbor and Lily Allen recently gave a tour of their oddly furnished Brooklyn townhouse and fans cannot get the tour out of their minds. The New York-based couple tied the knot in 2020 in Las Vegas. They opened up about their home to Architectural Digest.

David Harbor and Lily Allen’s Stranger Townhouse

David Harbour

The star of “Stranger Things” David Harbor built a oddly furnished townhouse in Brooklyn together with his wife Lily Allen who was stealing the entire Hollywood band. Here is the tour of the house given by David and Lily.

Anyone who watches this video will be unable to resist falling in love with this luxury townhouse. It is heavenly for a film fanatic. The furniture, carpets, walls, and all the other accessories of David and Lily’s house are quite extravagant.

Their Brooklyn Townhouse includes a tiger print media room that’s quite attractive and several rooms that are inspired by all things Persian. That’s not all, the house also has a luxurious kitchen which is designed by taking inspiration from the popular Hollywood movie, The Godfather.

The lower level of the house consists of a media room which is accessorized with a tiger print rug and a matching couch. In short, it’s a treat for the eyes to even just look at that room. David mentions in the video that this home is the start of his wife Lily. This means that Lily’s brain is behind the quirky look of their mansion.

More About the Room

David Harbour

Lily mentioned in the video that the couple uses the media room to watch all the latest content that’s on the OTT platforms. In front of the media room is a black toilet, which the couple admitted was David’s idea.

The most impressive and spacious room of this home is the kitchen which is based on the legendary Hollywood movie, The Godfather.

“It’s a layered Italian design theme, based a little on The Godfather films. This neighborhood in Brooklyn is an old Italian neighborhood and we liked the idea of ​​incorporating that aesthetic,” David said of the home.

Lily also commented on her luxurious townhouse. She said, “My priority for this room is that I just wanted the light to be going on the walls. It feels very luxurious, warm and functional.”