DC League Of Super-Pets Trailer and Release Dates

Super pets are always there to help our favorite superheroes when they’re down. The animated comedy DC League of Super-Pets will give us a new perspective on how our pets can take on the role of superheroes. Jared Stern directs the feature film, his first feature directedorial work. The movie is produced by Warner Animation Group and is based upon the Legion of Super-Pets group from DC Comics. This team was first seen in Adventure Comics #293 (1962).

Superman and the Justice League members are taken by Lex Luthor. It is up to Superman’s pet dog Krypto (voiced Dwayne Johnson), to save his master and the city. He creates a super team of shelter pets that get special powers. Ace is a strong hound, PB can grow to a large size and Merton, a turtle named Merton, and Chip gets electric power.

A number of Justice League members, including Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman and Victor Stone/ Cyborg, Jessica Cruz/ Green Lantern and Bruce Wayne/ Batman, will be present.

DC League Of Super-Pets Trailer and Release Dates

Director Jared Stern stated that in an interview with EW:

“I wanted it be a real threat. It should be something you could feel, not just as a joke or a movie. But also a serious threat that can only be overcome by a small group of pets. I wanted people to feel that animation is not a genre but a technique. “I wanted them to think, “That was a great superhero movie. It had all I love in a movie about superheroes: Great action, was really enjoyable.”

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DC League Of Super-Pets Trailer and Release Dates

It’s a film that is star studded. The film stars Dwayne Johnson playing Krypto/Superman’s pet dog, Kevin Hart playing Ace, a hound with super strength and invulnerability, Natasha Lyonne playing Merton, Vanessa Bayer portraying PB, a pig capable of transforming into large sizes, Diego Luna portraying Chip, a squirrel with electrical powers, John Krasinski being Superman/Clark Kent, and Marc Maron as Lex Luthor

Keanu Reeves and Kate McKinnon as well as Thomas Middleditch, Thomas Middleditch, Jamela Jamil, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch, Thomas Middleditch, and Thomas Middleditch are all set to appear in unspecified roles.

The theatrical release of DC League of Super-Pets in the US is planned for May 20, 2022.

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