As seen in “Dear David,” there is nearly at all times plenty of guilt related to what women want or do, but men aren’t subject to the same scrutiny. It is the story of a lady who, taking care of herself and those round her, discovers that she has nothing to apologize for.

Although “Dear David” is a rather lovable tale, it could have been shortened by at least 30 minutes. The great lack of charm of the actress irritated us, maybe aside from Caitlin North Lewis, who played Dilla.

Synopsis of the movie “Dear David.”

David is dead

The new Indonesian highschool drama Dear David debuted on Netflix on February 10, 2023.

The film, written by Winnie Benjamin, Daud Sumolang, and Muhammad Zaidy and directed by Lucky Kuswandi, is a couple of student and her path to self-acceptance. The producers are Muhammad Zaidy and Meiske Taurisia.

The film tells an historical story of unrequited love using the traditional format. A common emotion that nearly everybody experiences at some point during their life.

For some, the scenario may be too familiar, but the film nonetheless gives the story its own unique spin. Even although you know what will occur in the end, the movie feels new by adding components that make it feel current in today’s online society.

The three actors who play the main characters do an incredible job, and they really make the film what it’s.

Dear David End of Explanation

David is dead

While they were away, David and Laras started to get back in touch. Unfortunately, David had a panic attack in the jungle and began hyperventilating. He then said that his father was not aware that he had been struggling with the problem.

His mother left him and his father was the main reason for the trauma. Laras comforted him and claimed that she could relate to his feelings as she too had lost her father when she was a small child.

To calm him down, she began to tell a story in which the protagonists resembled both David and her. As they got to know one another better, they fell in love again.

David broke up with Dila when he got home after the trip. He left his phone in Dila’s room, however, and she could read all the texts from Laras that prove that she was the author of the false stories “Dear David”.

She and David got into a furious argument after she asked him about it. The next day, she revealed the reality to the school principal and gave her proof of Lara’s guilt.

Because of that, she started to be ridiculed and bullied by the entire school. After the shocking discovery, she was ostracized even by her church congregation. Nevertheless, David could be seen walking with her at all times.

Laras tried her best to apologize to Dila for her greedy actions. During the chat, Dila admits that she has been in love with Laras for a really long time. She resisted confessing earlier out of concern that Laras would reject her. But Laras reassured her that even although she was a lesbian, she would remain a friend