Dear David, which is based on a real story and one of the first urban legends to appear on Twitter, tells the story of Adam Ellis, a former BuzzFeed employee, and producer of social media content, who is afflicted by the spirit of a small boy who was possessed by a demonic force.

In 2018, Ellis gained more than a million followers on Twitter because of a trending insight he posted about his encounters with the ghost he called “Dear David.”

Characters from Dear David that we can see.

Dear David

Shenina Brown as Laras, Michael James, Emir Mahira, and Caitlin North Lewis make up the whole cast of the film. In addition, the film will last one hour and fifty-eight minutes in total.

When and on what day will “Dear David” be released?

Dear David
The Web Envoy

The date of the next movie “Dear David”, starring Shenina Cinnamon, has been made public. Lucky Kuswandi is the director of this coming-of-age film, which Netflix Indonesia initially revealed in September.

The Netflix release of “Dear David” is scheduled for February 9, 2023.

Where am I able to watch “Dear David”?

Dear David

The movie will be available on Netflix after its official release on February 9, 2023. Get a Netflix subscription to watch a wide range of films and TV shows from all over the world.

The Explanation And trailer review for Dear David

Let’s take a brief look at the understanding of the official trailer!

Described as a young woman with a perfect academic life but a hidden truth, David confronts Lara at the start of the Dear David trailer. The official footage then cuts to her computer, where it seems that Lara has been composing a fictional blog about David in which she has been sharing her dreams and concepts about him.

The tone of the trailer also changes when Lara forgets to check her account from the classroom computer, causing the blog to be leaked throughout the school. She becomes the new center of attention after the following events since she did the unthinkable. The top student is abruptly the target of criticism, condemnation, and mock.

The teaser also suggests that Lara still has some optimism despite the devastation. At certain moments, Laura is shown holding her own, going against her bullies, and even telling David what happened.

The video also implies that Lara may be embarking on a path of empowerment and self-discovery as she deals with the aftermath of the leak and discovers how to love herself.

Moreover, judging from the trailer, the film gives a gripping story of how to understand the emotions of teenagers. And not simply as a pure taboo but as belonging to the realm of self-acceptance. The central conflict of Dear David is Lara’s journey from facing criticism for her blog to realizing who she really is.

What is the plot of ‘Dear David’?

A secret fantasy blog could jeopardize the bright future of Laras, a gifted student, if the site becomes public to her entire school, according to the official summary provided by IMDb.