Death Note Season 2: Will It Release Soon? Death Note is a Japanese animation, it’s an animated series, it’s amongst the best animation series in Japan. It has gained many admirers globally. The Death Note is an excellent series, it was from the biggest manufacturing houses, the house called Madhouse.

Actually, Dead Note is a Japanese series it depends largely on, the Manga collection, has the same name. In 2006, several animation series were used to be released through Madhouse.

There were a few things being modified by Netflix.

Fans are eagerly waiting for season 2.

Latest Information on Death Note Season 2

We know that fans have been waiting for the second season of Death Note for a really long time. Apart from this, earlier, there were few gossips about the season 2 that would be released soon. But unfortunately, no release date or any information about the release of the second season of Death Note has been given.

Even this time, there isn’t any official information given about the season 2 of Death Note. The makers said they’re still thinking about it, it hasn’t been decided yet.

Information cast

  • Saeki
  • Hirokazu Ukita
  • Ryotarou Sakajo
  • Rem
  • Yuuji Demegawa
  • Touta Matsuda
  • Shuuichi Aizawa
  • Sanami
  • Kanzou Mogi
  • Sayu Yagami
  • Misa Amane
  • Souichirou Yagami
  • Kiyomi Takada
  • Watari
  • Ayao Yoshino
  • Sachiko Yagami
  • Ryuuk
  • L
  • Yagami Light


Death Note Season 2

TechRadar247 We know that the Gods of Death, the Shinigamis, can do anything they can destroy the human kingdom, they can kill any human, they can do it just by entering the stars of the people they target, it happens in a pocketbook, called the world of death.

The world of Shingamis, the Gods of Death, their world is full of dark monotony, but even although it’s, each Shingamis world varies with one another. One of the Shinigami named Ryuk makes a decision to leave the pocket.

A few uncommon things occur to Light Yagami.


We know that there isn’t any release date for Death Note season 2 yet and also there isn’t any trailer released for Death Note season 2 yet.

Let’s hope season 2 will come out soon.