We’ll be watching DELETE by Parkpoom Wongpoom, a Thai suspense series a couple of phone that lets you delete someone from existence just by taking pictures of them.

The DELETE teaser is out today June 8, 2023, and here are the details you need to know about the Netflix series.

As secrets emerge and relationships are tested, the implications of having the power to remove someone permanently are explored!

June is shaping up to be wonderful for fans of the dark tech subgenre. We’ll be watching DELETE by Parkpoom Wongpoom, a Thai suspense series a couple of phone that lets you delete someone from existence just by taking pictures of them.

Netflix gave viewers an interesting look at their upcoming series “Delete” with the release of its official trailer.

This short and fascinating preview sets the stage for an exciting and suspenseful journey.

“Delete,” directed by Parkpoom Wongpoomlooks at the dark side of secrets and the implications of owning a mysterious cellphone that can erase individuals from existence.

The Creepy DELETE Teaser From Netflix Reveals A Phone That Can Delete People!

“Have you ever wanted to make someone disappear completely from your life?” asks the teaser.

This intriguing question quickly piques the audience’s interest and sets the tone for the next story. As the teaser continues, we see people struggling with the weight of their secrets and the temptation to cut specific people out of their lives.

According to the trailer, the series will focus on a mysterious phone. One of the main heroes, Lilly, meets a lady in a mall who gives her the phone and asks for a photo. It disappears as Lilly takes a photo. You will soon find that the phone can ‘delete’ people.

It appears that she is romantically involved with a man already with another person. And she also has a boyfriend. When the situation becomes challenging, the characters try to kill their respective partners. However, Lilly herself disappears.

Prepare yourself for an ethically complex journey as the story unfolds, examining the limits of trust, the depth of deception, and the sad question that arises within it: who do you want to erase from your life? Prepare to look at love, devotion, and the disturbing implications of our decisions.

The show promises suspense, emotional depth, and psychological insight as it explores human relationships, hidden truths, and the weight of decision making.

The trailer looks interesting, and if you enjoy sci-fi thrillers, you’ll enjoy this show. It has a Death note-like vibe to it and follows an analogous rhythm. The music and visual art are both excellent.

Delete Cast Members

Delete it
After Dark

The new series features an incredible ensemble cast, including Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, an outstanding Thai actress best known for her breakthrough role in the thriller film “Bad Genius”. besides her, the following stars will join the cast of Hassar :

Nat Kitcharit

Sarika Sartsilpsupa

Sompob Benjathikul

Pattarasuda Anumanrajadhon

Jaonaay Injects Wattanasin

Nattarat Noppattayaporn

Dujdao Vadhanapakorn

Duangjai Hiransri

Yasaka Chaisorn

Chindarat Kasuya

Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon

Porntype Kitdamrongchai.

They work together to portray complicated characters and deliver unbeatable performances in the enthralling universe of “Delete.”

The show Delete will be released on Netflix on June 28. If you are new to Thai movies and series, here is a wonderful place to start. Watch ‘Delete’ to relive the terrifying Death Note experience.