Disenchantment Season 3 Update: The disenchantment season 3 posters hint at what’s to come and also show the last seven jokes with a retelling of past jokes.

The main character of Disenchantment season 3 is a carnival freak who appears on his poster, this poster was developed by The Simpson and Futurama creator Matt Groening.

The set used Disenchantment is the Fantasy Kingdom of Dreamland. The series is about Princess Bean who is the black sheep of the royal family of Dreamland and the sheep are all the time found in a drunken state and she is also different from others and this quality of sheep irritates her father King Zog.

The character in the series is Abbi Jacobson as bean Eric Andrea as her personal Demon Luci and Nat Faxon as Candy-eating and ELFO.

Disenchantment Season 3: Update

Disenchantment Season 3

Previously the series didn’t get good reviews but later its Reception improved which leads to the green light at Netflix in the third season.

Netflix releases a New Character Poster for the upcoming season that will premiere on January 15, the Poster shows 7 main characters of the series; a few of them are Bean, Luci, Elfo who will make a carnival slideshow and also run jokes throughout the series.

It is assumed that the Disenchantment season 3 will start precisely where the last season ended, in the last season Bean, Luci, and Elfo fell into Catacombs where they were surrounded by dark-eyed trogs.

The new trailer for Season 3 indicates that the series will begin to involve the land of steam, a technologically advanced country that has bitter relations with dreamland.

Disenchantments weren’t so popular but it improved from its debut and also the existence of Plot’s from dreamland can be a good direction for the show to get love from its fans.