Disenchantment Season 3 Update: Matt Groenig has many successful projects under his credit. The Simpsons and Futurama are considered complete game changers. But in his list, came another great show from Netflix, Disenchantment. The first two seasons of the show were huge hits and clicked with the viewers very well.

The show is renewed for a third season and yes, the thrill for it’s real. Apart from the statement that Disenchantment is coming with a new season, there isn’t any official trailer for Disenchantment season 3. In any case, since they claimed that it’s going to result in 2020, it’s natural to expect that Netflix will drop a trailer before or later.

The first season appeared in August 2017 with the following season is a mode for the real-time feature in September 2018. Season 3 will be the longest stand by fans have had to endure, but it will undoubtedly be justified , despite the trouble all things considered.


Disenchantment Season 3: Cast Detail

Disenchantment Season 3

Disenchantment season 3 will certainly have the entirety of its huge cast returning for the next energizing installment. This implies that Abbi Jacobson’s fantastic and hilarious voice appearance of Princess Bean will return in real life for more drunken shenanigans and enchanting ventures.

Likewise it would be an epic misfortune if Eric Andre didn’t return just as Luci and Nat Faxon didn’t return as Elfo. Matt Groening remarked on how the three characters are so many-sided for what particularly makes the unique energized Netflix show so one of a kind for Showbiz Junkies.

The original voices of Queen Dagmar, King Zøg, Queen Oona, and Prince Derek will must return, or fans will blacklist season 3 of Disenchantment altogether.

In the same way it is going to be fascinating to perceive what new voices appear on the road when season 3 of Disenchantment advances to Netflix ultimately.


Not much about the plot of Disenchantment season 3 is currently known. But the fans have a really clever view of what’s coming and, in any case, they realize without a doubt a portion of the questions that the following section of Netflix’s middle-aged humorous energetic arrangement needs to answer.

Many fans are still wondering what precisely Bean’s destiny entails, apart from how it is alleged to be important to a dull struggle that has been going on for several centuries. At that point, there’s a secret including the root of Elfo and who could be his mother, which remained utterly unanswered in season 2.

Both seasons of Disenchantment are available for purchase on Netflix.