Despite working tirelessly and doing everything he can, Taishi is defeated by Soda by a few hundred votes.

Let’s Get Divorced; Japanese Netflix series offers an unusually disturbing concept for a rom-com.

Taishi Shoji (Tori Matsuzaka) and the famous TV actress Yui (Riisa Naka) strive to reconcile when he first appears in public with a young reporter, Sakurako (Lisa Oda).

However, their circumstances don’t allow for a clean divorce, so numerous personal dramas and conflicting subplots conspire against the divorce over the course of nine long episodes.

Let’s Get Divorced: Will Taishi and Yui get divorced?

Let's Get Divorced
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Despite working tirelessly and doing everything he can, Taishi is defeated by Soda by a few hundred votes. His heart breaks, but he continues to thank everybody who supported him, and his team cheers for him.

When Taishi and Yui are alone, he gives her the divorce paperwork they both completed. Taishi does not argue when Yui informs him that they should present her. They recall their pleasant memories and present the paperwork. Taishi and Yui ultimately divorce.

What happened to Taishi and Yui’s son?

Let's Get Divorced
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Taishi’s mother still cannot accept Taishi and Yui’s divorce. She wants to raise Taishi and Yui’s child, but Yui refuses to let her because she feels politics has ruined Taishi’s character.

Taishi supports Yui’s decision, and Taishi’s mother finally agrees. Yui gave birth to a boy, whom she names Yoji. Although Yui has custody of Yoji, Taishi’s mother takes care of him because Yui is commonly away for work.

Will Taishi and Yui reconcile?

Let's Get Divorced
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Taishi is preparing for his political comeback three years after the birth of Yoji. While he’s learning and growing as a politician more than ever, he faces financial difficulties because he’s unemployed.

On the other hand, Yui continues to gain international popularity and reputation. Taishi and Yui contemplate their divorce one night. While Taishi acknowledges that he realized he loved her before they broke up, Yui states that she wants to marry him if she ever gets married again.

On the other hand, Yui feels that their marriage was a mistake and that it would be better if they did not get married again. Nothing happens between them, and Taishi leaves it flat that night, his child and him crying for one another.

Will Taishi be elected in 2026?

Let's Get Divorced

As the election approaches, Soda begins repeating Taishi’s statements about BSL-4. He sells the place to a private firm. Taishi discovers that the company is compensating Soda since he sold the facility for a low price and received a percentage of the company’s revenue in exchange.

Taishi informs Kyoji, that he’s no longer an unemployed artist but a blogger covering the elections. Taishi is in a position to spread the word with his help, and Soda is forced to abandon his party and resign from his seat in Congress.

Taishi develops into a capable politician with a lot of supporters. Yui also dresses up as Mikochan and comes to his aid at the end of the campaign. Taishi won the election alone this time.

While Taishi works tirelessly to keep his promises to the citizens of Ehime and improve their lives, Yui finds love again. Taishi also looks for Yoji four days a week and thinks his life can be rebuilt.