In Dr. Stone Season 3, Episode 10, Senku designed a piezoelectric crystal earpiece using a copper coil and rocher salt.

When Is Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11 Coming? Also, fans of Dr. Stone can look forward to the highly anticipated Season 3 Episode, which will air sometime in June 2023 on TOKYO MX and KBS Kyoto.

If you occur to catch it on these networks, notable Japanese syndications like Sun TV, BS11, and TV Aichi will subsequently make the episode available for viewing.

In addition, fans around the globe can even access the latest episode of Dr. Stone season 3 via streaming platforms Netflix in addition to Crunchyroll.

The latest episode of Dr. Stone left viewers in raptures as the newly formed Spy Team inches closer to obtaining the legendary treasure that has the potential to revive humanity, a mission led by the brilliant Senku.

However, the heroes face increased security and formidable opponents such as Kirisame and Moz, who create significant obstacles in their path.

As the stakes continue to rise, the hero’s journey becomes more and more challenging, intensifying the joy for fans eagerly awaiting this new episode.

If you’re a dedicated follower of the Dr. Stone anime series and are interested by the upcoming Episode 11, you have come to the right place, as this article will go into all the details related to this thrilling chapter the next.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11 Official Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11

The highly anticipated and thrilling Episode 11 of Dr. Stone season 3 will be available for viewers to watch on Thursday, June 16, 2023, at 10:30 pm JST.

This episode will be available to viewers worldwide on Crunchyroll, where you can enjoy it with either English subtitles or dubbed versions.

This ensures that fans can enjoy the fascinating story and the thrilling adventures of Senku and his friends in their preferred language.

However, it is crucial to note that Netflixwhile it includes the series, it will only be accessible in a limited number of regions.

However, the availability of Dr. Stone on multiple streaming platforms ensures that fans around the globe can continue to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of science, and survival, and immerse themselves in the world unique to Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11

In Dr. Stone Season 3, Episode 10, Senku designed a piezoelectric crystal earpiece using a copper coil and rocher salt to provide real-time instructions to the Spy Team. Gen instructed Kohaku via wireless phone and radio waves.

To capture the device in mid-air using a drone, Senku devised a plan that involved gathering numerous components such as some copper wire, some radio controllers, some bamboo, iron, an electromagnet, some propellers, and even some feathers.

By using her charm to distract the guards, Amaryllis made it possible for Kohaku to carry out her survey undetected.

Kohaku quickly found the key to victory before returning to her place, avoiding Kirisame’s notice. Senku then created a remote controlled toy car to collect the information, and wait for a written message.

The members of the Spy Team, however, couldn’t read or write. Everyone was perplexed when Kohaku delivered a message in the form of drawings.

Senku and Gen worked together to decode the drawings, which revealed the message “We found platinum.” Kohaku’s intel confirmed the presence of the Soyuz capsule within the citadel, providing assurance to Senku and the team.

What to Expect from Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11?

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11

In Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 11, viewers can expect an thrilling development as Senku establishes a one-way communication system with the Spy Team through the invention of an earpiece.

With this technological advance, Senku gains valuable insight into the activities taking place in the citadel on Treasure Island.

In addition, Senku acquired an electrical motor for his drone, an important component that will help intercept the petrification attack and recover the device responsible for turning humanity into stone more than 3700 years ago.

As the Science Kingdom moves closer to its ultimate goal of bringing humanity back, they face a formidable challenge in the form of the formidable Kirisame.

Episode 11 will show the invention and use of the drone, a pivotal device that holds the key to stealing the petrification device and advancing his mission.

Excitement and suspense await as the team navigates through the challenges ahead in their quest for the rebirth of humanity.