Surely the details here about the most special animated series we will be talking about Dragon Age: Absolution, the announcement for six episodes.

Dragon age: Absolution is the latest series from BioWare and Red Dog Culture House that really results from the video game franchise that started in the year 2009 with “Dragon Age: Origins”.

The story will lead the people Miriam of Kimberly Brooks, eleven machines that was once really a slave in Tevinter and the person who now wants to become the hero She was born to be.

The strong man Tevinter goes to the South where the heist was made against this man, eleven machines called Miriam are literally forced into a desperate fight for survival. Now in order to save herself and also her friends a medium must must confront the tragic past. She spent a life where she was trying to escape from it.

Dragon Age: Absolution Cast Members

Dragon Age: Absolution
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Also accompanying Brooks, other people in the cast include Matthew Mercer, Josh Keaton, Zehra Fazal, Ashly Burch, Sumalee Montano, and Keston John.

Here are a few descriptions of the characters that are revealed by Netflix And here they’re:

Kimberly Brooks plays Miriam: 11 machines who escaped from slavery in Tevinter, a medium cut off her friendships with many people who know her.

Ashly Burch playing Qwydion – a bubby Qunari mage who accompanies a penchant for the sake of blowing ups, Qwydion is a wordless person who can blabbermouth distracted effortlessly who can level a building or heal a handover, based on the condition.

Sumalee Montano plays HIRA – a visionary conjurer, Hira wishes to rekindle her relationship with Miriam where she was in thoughts of pushing her ongoing crusade against Tevinter. But there’s something hidden that will put both people in danger.

Phil LaMarr plays ROLAND – Despite his easygoing demeanor, the charming Roland possesses unmatched grit. When the problem arises and all seems lost, Roland is very sure about it.

Keston John playing LACKLON – A dwarven Lord of Fortune, he’s a gruff fighter, full glory hound, Which is enough as a coward to make sure that he stays alive.

Josh Keaton plays REZAREN – born righteous and struck by disaster, Rezaren sees himself as a good person in a wicked world. Intelligent and charismatic, Rezaren is stoic to make a better future for everybody in Tevinter, no matter the cost.

Zehra Fazal playing TASSIMO – Responsible and hardworking, Tassia turns a blind eye to everything that doesn’t meet her moral standards. But she will not be capable to ignore Tevinter’s sins eternally.
Streaming Date For Dragon Age Series: Absolution!

Dragon Age: Absolution will be released on Netflix on December 9, 2022.