How Did Trunks and Goten End Dr. Hedo In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90? Well, this is the question we will discuss in this post. So, read this post till the end.

Manga fans finally got the opportunity to see Trunks and Goten meet face to face with Dr. Hedo with the release of Dragon Ball Super chapter 90. This meeting was anticipated for a long time, since the scientist was keeping watch on Saiyaman X-1 and X-2 for quite some time.

Fans also got a glimpse of Mai taking action as she plots her revenge against the scientist with the help of Krillin.

In the previous episode, we saw Dr. Hedo send one of his androids, Baytah, to examine Trunks and Goten’s school. Together, Saiyaman X-1 and X-2 were able to defeat the android.

Mai also enrolled in Trunks’ class, which provided the half-Saiyan with additional opportunities to ask out the girl he had a crush on. To learn more about it, keep reading this article.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90: Goten and Trunks Get rid of Dr. Hedo.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
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At the start of Dragon Ball Super chapter 90, Krillin was trying to find the corpses that were working for Dr. Hedo. The scientist had managed to get the zombies to work for him.

Even Mai was in contact with the previous during his investigation. In another part of the story it was revealed that Goten used to travel by using the bus a few stops away from the school in order to hide the distance between his home and the school.

Goten’s close friend Fyler asked him to do a favor for him on his way to school because of their connection with Trunks. However, Beta No. 7m, another of Dr. Hedo’s androids, attacked their bus shortly after, and Goten pretended to be Saiyaman X-2 to defeat him.

Trunks and Mai were informed at school that Clean God would be attending the dance party, and Mai subsequently invited Trunks to dance. Dr. Hedo was a fan of Clean God, according to her study, which she conducted. She drew the scientist to the school as a result, knowing they were being watched.

As Mai and Krillin tried to catch him, Dr. Hedo fell into her trap and arrived at the dance celebration. However, Dr. Hedo was able to escape the building with the disc that Trunks had taken earlier, with a little help from Baytah.

Trunks asked Mai about her behavior as he checked on her. She explained how she had accepted Trunks’ invitation to go on outings after learning he was Saiyaman X-1.

After that, Trunks and Goten joined Krillin in his pursuit of Dr. Hedo, and it was during this time that they discovered the relationship between the scientist and Dr. Gero.

Goten and Trunks were happy, hoping that Dr. Hedo was a main antagonist. Dr. Hedo brought out his Dinodroid No. 1 as the group entered his lab. The scientist was then taken into custody after the trio effortlessly overpowered him.

Only then was it revealed that Dr. Hedo was only after Trunks and Goten to retrieve the disk container, in which he had kept his Clean God autograph, and had little interest in Dr. Gero’s research.

It was later discovered that Dr. Hedo had allowed his zombies to return to their homes, leading to a lighter sentence. However he was adamant about doing the research.

What To Expect From Chapter 91 Of Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
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After the events of Dragon Ball Super chapter 90, where Mai discovers the reality about Saiyaman X-1 and X-2, she agrees to date Trunks and accepts his meeting proposal.

Therefore, their dates can be covered in the upcoming chapter focusing on Trunks. Dr. Hedo, meantime, was still determined to create the strongest android and was willing to bend some rules to get there.

Where Can You Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
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Even after 90 chapters, the Dragon Ball Super manga is still going strong and is part of a long-running franchise. The multi-award winning Dragon Ball franchise is something you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 is now available to read on Viz Media, together with the other chapters of the manga.

There are some chapters that are accessible without joining the membership, while other chapters require membership to have access. The manga is also available to read on Shueisha’s official MANGAPlus website and the Shonen Jump+ app.