Streaming joints Netflix is ​​called to shake up the platform with a brand new reality show called “Drink Masters”. The contestants will be mixologists who will mix and blend their liquid art to create fresh takes on storied cocktails.

It will be very similar to any other reality show where 12 contestants from different parts of North America will be coming to compete against one another in the show where they’ve to create various kinds of Cocktails. And this cocktail they need to prepare in a set time.

Drink Masters can mix, stir and pour elixirs to create madcap cocktails that put their creativity and innovation to the test. They will all be fighting for a title called “Ultimate Drink Master”.

Drink Masters reality show Release Date:

Drink Masters

A recent press release revealed that this mixologist reality show will be airing Netflix from 28 October 2022.

It was also revealed that the show will have 10 episodes in total and every episode will be 40 minutes long.

Viewers of the show can expect to see all various kinds of techniques, stylistic and inventive tricks, and also innovative drinks that are created by highly skilled individuals or contestants.

Building the truth show:

Drink Masters

The show will be hosted by comedian Tone Bell.

Talking about the judges we have:

Frankie Solarik and Julie Reiner who will evaluate and score the cocktails based on their taste and presentation.

As said above the truth show will have 12 contestants in reality and they’ll be given a particular time to create alcoholic drinks or we can say cocktails that will bring their creativity, innovation, and cooking skills together.

But it’s not as easy as winning the title of Ultimate Drink Master there will be sure twists and turns between the mandate of the show. But these twists are the reason we watch a show, so we’re glad it is going to have something like this in it.

This reality show will be focused more on the process of making cocktails rather than on the ticking of the clock.

Foodie’ programs give their viewers a sense of satisfaction, and luxury, and may even provide a component of education about their eating habits.

Knowing all this about the upcoming reality show, I’m sure you’ll be more excited to watch it and cannot wait for its streaming. Until it airs on Netflix you can watch some other cooking reality shows to satisfy your longing for delicious and tantalizing food.

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